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One Year on The Steem Blockchain


Hello Steem Nation,

It's been a full year since I took the leap to be apart of the Steem Blockchain. I went from Red Fish to Minnow and hopefully this year Dolphin. We had our ups and we've had our downs, but overall this ride has been a positive experience. Steem taught me how to better my finances, make new friends around the world, see new technology revolutionize cities, and see wondrous art of varies kind created by people just like you and me.

For 2019 my plans is to expand my content and become a bit more consistent with posting. The second half of 2018 became busy so I spent that time interacting, upvoting, and sharing other creators work that I enjoyed on Steem. The 2019 goal is to utilize D.Sound,, Stitcher, Spotify, Youtube, and Soundcloud to expand my business and Architectural Discussions.

There are so many structures around the world that I'd love to go over with all of you as well as provide info and documents to all aspiring Architects, Designers, and Students looking to refine and hone their craft or upgrade their business. It won't be easy, but this year will be my turn to take it to the next level.


It's been a fantastic time here on Steemit and I can't wait to continue learning and growing with you all. I've officially became a Minnow in 2018, making my account join the top 1% of Steemians according to @arcange, and wanted to thank all of you for being apart of the journey. I'm so grateful for this platform that it's hard to put into words, but I'll try. Thanks @Scruffy23 and @Treblemakur for being apart of the journey and I'm so proud about how far you've come.

I want to thank @kevinli, @arcange, @adsactly, @drkent, @qurator, @themarkymark, and @lukestokes for giving so much needed help and information to the community and in many ways help encouraging quality articles. You guys are really great and I certainty contributed part of my success and platform familiarity to you all. I really appreciate what you do here. Thanks again.



Thanks @steemitboard for providing all the great content and incentive to participate with our community. My favorite easily had to be the World Cup Competition where France end up winning the same year I find out I'm 1/8 French. It made me feel so proud of my motherland.


This past year has been up and down when it comes to crypto, but learning what FIAT Money was as well as the conversions of one Crypto to another. I always new the basics, but this past year of immersion it all really hit home. The Blockchain is truly revolutionary.


Still, while people say it's complex what turned my perspective was to think of cryptocurrency as different "world" currencies and each "country" having it's own economic highs and lows. Gold and Bitcoin still being the base standard for FIAT Money and Cryptocurrency. @Blocktrades made this learning curve so much easier.


Since I prefer going from USD > ETH > Steem the simple easy to use graphical user interface of Blocktrades made it so I barely had to do any conversions or heavy lifting on my own, but just to watch the transaction after I've filled a few input fields. A huge bonus if you have an account with them is they can also help keep track of your transaction history. Outstanding.


Steem Tips I've learned that may help you:


  • What is Authenticity? Most dictionaries define it as the quality of being authentic. Essentially being true to oneself. The best way for you to get your feet wet is to take that leap of faith and put yourself out there a little. With Steemit in particular I recommend your mentality be for the long time. Many people think they can just hop on the Steemit platform being shallow, asking for upvotes, or duplicating and spamming content to which they think entitles them to higher rewards or better upvotes. Wow. Take it easy, buddy. My friends the best way to get ahead on Steemit is to invest monetarily.

  • If you don't have money to invest then be authenticate using the platforms like @Dtube and #DtubeDaily,, Steepshot, and utilizing the various contests to grow your network and make an impact. If you're lucky you may just be noticed by the teams at @qurator and @curie. No one can tell you how to use Steemit, but you must remember these platforms are not like your typical Facebook or Twitter which are centralized platforms. Our decentralized blockchain technology in the case of Steem is meant to take back control of our information while building the infrastructure of this new decentralized age.


  • If you're a new Steemian I highly recommend you deeply and thoroughly understand the platform or have a true cause that can help guide you along your path. A north star so to speak. Maybe it's to share & remix your current content, grow your business, extend a helping hand to the community, traveling while documenting your journey, or various other positive actions. This platform can do that and much more while giving a home to your creativity and individually through Authenticity, Patience, and Good Will.

Invest in YOU!

  • If you're looking to make a quick buck on Steemit, then I'm sorry you've come to the wrong place. This is not about making money today or even tomorrow. This is about growing an investment, so when the time comes in a few years you can safely retire to a world of Freedom. Thanks for coming with me on my journey and I plan to continue showing you my artistic insight and endeavors.


Steem Conseils que j'ai appris qui peuvent vous aider:

Qu'est-ce que l'authenticité? La plupart des dictionnaires le définissent comme la qualité de l'authenticité. Essentiellement être fidèle à soi-même. La meilleure façon de vous mouiller les pieds est de prendre ce saut de foi et de vous mettre un peu à l’extérieur. Avec Steemit en particulier, je recommande que votre mentalité soit à long terme. Beaucoup de gens pensent qu'ils peuvent simplement sauter sur la plate-forme Steemit étant superficielle, demandant des votes positifs, ou une duplication et un spam de contenu qui, selon eux, leur donne droit à des récompenses plus élevées ou à de meilleures votes positifs. Sensationnel. Calme-toi, mon pote. Mes amis, le meilleur moyen d’avancer sur Steemit est d’investir financièrement.

Si vous n'avez pas d'argent à investir, authentifiez-vous à l'aide des plateformes telles que @Dtube et #DtubeDaily,, Steepshot et utilisez les différents concours pour développer votre réseau et avoir un impact. Si vous êtes chanceux, les équipes de @qurator et @curie vous remarqueront peut-être. Personne ne peut vous dire comment utiliser Steemit, mais vous devez vous rappeler que ces plates-formes ne ressemblent pas à votre Facebook ou Twitter, qui sont des plates-formes centralisées. Dans le cas de Steem, notre technologie de blockchain décentralisée vise à reprendre le contrôle de nos informations tout en construisant l'infrastructure de cette nouvelle ère décentralisée.

Si vous êtes un nouveau Steemian, je vous recommande fortement de bien comprendre la plate-forme ou d'avoir une cause véritable qui peut vous guider dans votre chemin. Une étoile du nord pour ainsi dire. C’est peut-être pour partager et remixer votre contenu actuel, développer votre entreprise, donner un coup de main à la communauté, voyager tout en documentant votre parcours ou diverses autres actions positives. Cette plate-forme peut faire cela et bien plus encore tout en donnant un foyer à votre créativité et individuellement à travers l'authenticité, la patience et la bonne volonté.
Investissez en VOUS!
Si vous cherchez à faire un profit rapide sur Steemit, alors je suis désolé que vous soyez au mauvais endroit. Il ne s'agit pas de gagner de l'argent aujourd'hui ou même demain. Il s’agit de la croissance d’un investissement. Ainsi, lorsque le temps viendra dans quelques années, vous pourrez vous retirer en toute sécurité dans un monde de liberté. Merci d’être avec moi dans mon voyage et j’ai l’intention de continuer à vous montrer mon sens artistique et mes efforts.




Gamer | Designer | Architectural Draftsman | Part Time Hero


Name: Na'Shawn Jordan
Alias: Nation
Age: 29
Location: North Carolina, USA
Specialty: Art & Design, UxD, Photography,
Music, Gaming, & Emerging Technologies


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