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Artist Showcase: Bohan Pheonix


Bohan Pheonix is a Chinese American Rapper and Musician from Brooklyn, NYC. This innovative creator prides himself in being the best of two worlds. His bilingual rap stylings has been preformed around the world from Los Angeles, California, New York City, to even Cheng Du, China.

Bohan Pheonix是来自纽约布鲁克林的华裔美国Rapper和音乐家。这位创新的创造者为自己成为两个世界中的精英而感到自豪。他的双语说唱风格已经在全球范围内从洛杉矶,加利福尼亚州,纽约市,甚至中国的成都演出。

OVERSEAS 海外 Concert at Elsewhere in Brooklyn


A few months ago I had the privilege to meeting with him one on one before one of his fantastic shows to which I was also front stage for. I followed Bohan for a few years via Youtube first coming across him thru his cross over and collaborations with Higher Brother and the 88 Rising Crew. What fascinated me about him was not just his multilingual rapping, but how he represents his family, friends, people, and the countries that made him, America and China. In each of his songs you can usually hear him talking about building his people up and doing the best he can to keep his love ones close.

几个月前,我有幸在他的一场精彩的节目之前与他进行一对一的会面,而我也是前台。我通过Youtube第一次遇到了Bohan,经过他的交叉和与哥哥和88 Rising Crew的合作。我对他的着迷不仅仅是他的多种语言的说唱,他还代表了他的家人,朋友,人民以及造就他的国家,美国和中国。在他的每首歌曲中,你通常都会听到他在谈论如何塑造他的人,尽其所能地让他的爱人保持密切关系。

During the brief meet and great I was extremely nervous for some reason. Still, I was curious about his "LoveLove" concept. Initially it comes off and his brand or even as one of his EP's, but it truth it was much more than that.


"Yea, many people think LoveLove is my brand or whatever, but it's not. It's a mindset......a philosophy (to which I live by). It's about being true to you and holding down your crew and family.", Bohan replied.


OVERSEAS 海外 Official Music Video

Soundcloud Album Release


LoveLove EP


The Art of Musical Surrealism


Unlike many new artist Bohan Pheonix has come to press the boundaries of what a typical music video should be. He seamlessly integrates Surrealism, which in many ways, seeks out the channeling of the unconscious as a means to unlock the power and creativity of imagination.

Hope you enjoyed this Artist Showcase!


I’ve heard a lot about bob an Phoenix but I’ve never actually listened to any of his music... UNTIL NOW! Dope man.

He's fantastic. A genuine artist. Glad you enjoyed it. He's even better in person.

Hello @nwjordan, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!

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