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RE: Microcosmos - the tiny creatures that surround us

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impressive collection dear!! i'm amazed at all of your bug photos you have on hand :D last year i met one of the weirdest bugs that somehow i hadn't encountered in my 31 years... the assassin bug... it actually stung me (we spooked each other when i sat on it in my bed! -- how's that for horrible?) and some have compared it to being worse than being shot.
just regular homestead life for me ;p lol but i researched this bug and found out it's on the predator list and keeps the ecosystem in check and signifies a healthy ecosystem so okay okay... you're a "good bug" for the garden, but i'll keep my distance! this is really one crazy looking bug, so worth a google!

btw, i mentioned your excellent post quality in my post today!! always impressive! xx


Well, with a name like that...! How cool, I just looked it up. It is described as an "ambush predator". Looks like that little guy was plotting his attack all along, in your own bed!!!
Did the pain really feel like a gunshot?! I've stepped on a giant red ant while walking barefooted (yeah don't ask 😆) in the Malaysian jungle (or what's left of it) and it hurt like crazy. Unbelievably powerful venom for such a tiny little guy.
Needless to say, I put my shoes back on!

Thanks for mentioning me and so happy you enjoy reading my stuff. It takes me ages to put together so I truly appreciate the mentions and the love xxx

haha it did hurt really bad- haven't been shot by a gun so maybe?! lol it was one of those things where i didn't even see it happen as it was happening just saw the assassin after the fact and said holy fck! what the fck are you!? and then did my research. i had a huge welt (silver dollar size) for 2 weeks and a lot of pain as the poisons leeched. crazy stuff! your story sounds equally as crazy! holy cow! xxx <3 yeah i always love your posts!

What?! You live in the States and haven't been shot by a gun? (lol, that was my ignorant European dumba$$ comment 😜)

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