Rooted trees are creepy

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Hi steemit friend, it's been eight days I was not active in steemit because there are some jobs that I can not leave.


On this day I will post about a tree that is considered creepy if we look from a distance, so ??? This tree is located in Sabang city, aceh. precisely in the tourist location 0 kilometers Indonesia.

One day when I visited this place it was scary when I saw the tree, but now as usual because the tree is neatly arranged and decorated with some paint by the local government.


Some tourist attractions in Aceh is only the city of Sabang is most in demand by a number of wisatan, this city is an island located in the western tip of Indonesia.


This tree is not only found in the city of Sabang, but in some other areas we can encounter with a creepy appearance.

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Great picture! I like it :)
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nice photo sir.
have a good day for you 👍👍