Imaginative Photography #45 Color Explosion!

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This picture reminds me of some fireworks, even though it is actually a picture of some Christmas lights. I always love it when I can find a place where there is a variety of colored lights. There is of course no better time than Christmas for this. This picture was taken in Florida on a cold and windy night. I'm posting this picture today because here in Florida it is the coldest day of the year, so far! Right now it is 32 degrees at my house. We only get a freeze here about once every 7 years. It is too cold for me!

 CAMERACanon EOS 40D ISO800FOCAL LENGTH135mm (216mm in 35mm) APERTUREf/22.0  EXPOSURE TIME3.2s  

100% my original work! Copyright 2018 ® Mark Vance Photography

 I am an award winning photographer and filmmaker. Many of my pictures have been used in TV Shows and Feature Films, such as "Zero Dark Thirty", "NCIS Los Angeles", "Scandal", "Blackish" and "The Walking Dead".

All my pictures are from one capture and nothing is computer generated, except where noted. Then it is only an inversion or an increase in saturation only, not a change to the actual content of the picture.

I hope you find my pictures unusual, creative and in some cases inspiring. Everyone sees something different in my pictures. Enjoy!

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Didn't think I would need my long johns in South Florida...I was wrong! Layer upon layer and finally warm again.

Freeze frame! The colors are hot even if the weather isn't.

how in the heck is this christmas lights.

It looks like a beautiful fireworks.

I love to catch colours
perfect creativity

wow. this is a nice picture.

Woww what a beautiful variety sparkling of colors. Perfect click @markvance

good work in cold weather has been successful @markvance

wow !! Your all photograph such a wonderfull Amazing @markvance

Wonderful your photofeed, i like this. i want to personally thanks for your creativity. all the best my dear friend

As always a great photo. Thanks for sharing, maybe the same warm up, I have a window outside -25 and strong wind :)

Wow......excellent photography, very nice post, thanks for sharing

The scenery is very beautiful I like it very much @markvance

             resteem done

Wow! Amazing photofeed..I appreciate creativity..Thanks for share..

Wow beautiful :;)

the picture is very cool and beautiful, are you a photographer?

Superb dear.Thanks for sharing it

great post

that's soo beautifull full of colours

Superb dear

unbelievable word you used in you religion topic..... and i thinks it is great post.....and i slut you.... please carry on... I waiting for your next of luck brother...

whoaaaa!!! I never seen this before!!
This is soo beautiful! exploding colors!
Love it:):) really nice camera.

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