Luscious living in colour explosion #7

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While I am in the process of preparation of the videos of our travels, I will burden you a bit more with all the colourful photos we made in Burano!

Shot on IphoneSE
Shot by him, the one from the lost in happiness team.

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Defiantly a color explosion I like to see. Orange and Purple. Such bizarre colors together. But that looks really nice. I love that the woman is wearing a simple outfit but her background are where all the bright colors are. It's very satisfying to the eyes.

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This is such a nice comment! Thank you very much! The choice of outfit was planned in advance so I am happy it worked out just like I imagined! :)

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Looking cute as per usual :)

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Cute is the best! Thank you! :)

I keep trying and keep failing. So i have to go for silly lol

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Fantastic color! Always love your photos.

You're so kind! Thank you very very much! :)

Looking good Anita. It’s always nice to see you as you look so happy.

So kind of you @camuel! Thank you very much! :)

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