London Bridge

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Shooting handheld for me always feels like a "nothing special" kind of shooting. When I have my tripod and filters with me, I might just shoot without them to test compositions or just take photos of locations to come back to later. Having accumulated a bunch of gear, it's hard to step back from it all and just use the camera on it's own. And with this shot, shooting in the middle of the day was another thing I don't put much effort in to. But I gave this shot another look and decided to give it a chance. And I'm happy with it.


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Canon 5D MKIII

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I think its important to shoot handheld regularly. It makes you appreciate your gear when you have it. I historically have done a lot of non photography related work travel and have had to shoot on the side what I can when I can which often involves minimal gear. I also do a lot of hiking and the more you do the more you start looking at your gear differently. As an engineer however it’s hard not to love having more fancy gadgets .

I like this shot. Its fun and happy. Feels like a memory from a day at the beach. I think we are also getting close to peak saturation of long exposure images on social media where every photo has a 10 stop blurred sky and a crazy pink sunset. So I think the trends will swing back a little.


As an ambassador for a filter company I kind of have to be able to take long exposures, but I am looking forward to spending more time off the tripod


Like anything in life it’s a question of balance .

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Really great shot nice composition @keiranstone, perfect saturation and contrast.


Thank you very much!


Thank you very much!

Did you notice that "London bridge is falling down" ;)


It has fallen down! It use to be connected to the mainland

What you call "nothing special" actually is an masterpiece of photography in my eyes 😃 So good to see you're still in the "Steemit business"


I'm just hanging on! I've been very distracted from the internet lately

How could I be missing you here on this platform. I like your work!
I guess being in Melbourne must be quite a dream for landscape photographers! When I was there in 2011 I had not started this hobby yet.


Melbourne definitely has some great places to shoot

Really love this shot @kieranstone!


Thank you!