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As the title suggests, when I travel for photography and come back I end up sharing only a handful of photos. I tend to pick my favourite (if any) from each location and then do quick edits to share on Getty as stock photography. For anyone that is interested though, here are some photos from my recent Wilsons Prom trip that didn't make my fav's list.

some of the track...

A sign on the hike...

some of the track...

finally reaching the east coast and that beautiful beach of Waterloo Bay...

a dead shark on the beach...

my camp...

Little Waterloo Bay...

Me posing for stock photography...

Sunrise at Waterloo Bay...

Track on the way back...

my lunch date on the beach...

Oberon Bay...

Little Oberon Bay...

This guy...

Whisky Bay...

This guy...

This guy (me) posing for stock photography...

Shitty astro shot...

emu in the rain...

I took about 1100 photos over the 3 days. Would you like me to share them all? Yes? Well I'm not going to anyway.

Thanks for stopping by!

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wow, great locations there! fine photos!

Thank you :)

These are still pretty amazing, picking the ones that make your cut must be pretty hard work.

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Not too hard. There's just something about the ones I choose. They stand out to me for some reason or another

Wow....1100 in 3 days....looking at these sample I would simply say....let's share all..👍

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Thanks! Some are just slight variations of others, some might be over exposed. Others are just rubbish :D

Still what you brought to our eyes are terrific one...kinda of I am getting fan

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It's been many years since I camped at Wilson's Prom. Remember most the white sands of Squeaky Beach. Love your third image here Kieran. Yes, I'd love to see more from this series. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

Squeaky Beach is very nice, the rocks remind me of choc-chip cookies! Some of my recent posts on here are from this trip. Most of what is left is probably too similar to what I've already posted or just not interesting :)

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Very nice pictures.


Thanks, Bob!

Ha! "Shity astro shot". Mmkay.

I think the reflection ones are my favourite, although, I like all of them.

Shitty compared to when I plan out a shoot. I don't like the composition or the level of noise in this one.

I like the reflections too :)