Free Pack of Idaho Postcards

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Tonight I don't have a lot of words to go with this photo, although I do think it's pretty cool and worth sharing. It took me quite a few tries to get the rock thrown into the water at just the right distance so it would be in focus. I had the camera on a tripod and my finger on the shutter button which was set to burst mode. I picked up a rock with one hand and gently tossed it into the water while at the same time holding down the shutter button of the camera.

Also, I was pretty happy to sell a license of the cover photo from my ice fishing post that I shared here on Steem a few days ago. It was one of two license I sold this month for a total of $15, both small sizes. It's been a quiet month for me in the stock photography world, with my biggest sale coming as a result of the Stocksy + Adobe partnership and this photo.

Free Postcards!

If you make a purchase from my Stocksy Portfolio using this link above you'll get 20% off your first purchase.

Bonus: If you make any purchase from my Stocksy Portfolio before the end of the year (December 31, 2018) I will send you a pack of my Idaho Postcards for FREE with no shipping costs (to US and Canada only).

  • To verify that you made the purchase, comment on this post with a link to the image that you licensed.
  • If you're coming from Twitter or another platform and do not have a Steem account, message me on Twitter or Instagram with the link to the image that you purchased.

In Addition: Share this with friends, family, designers, and coworkers. If you make the referral and can provide a link to the image(s) that were licensed you'll still be eligible for the postcards!

Reward will be limited to one postcard pack per person. A link to the licensed photo(s) will need to be provided, which I will use to verify through Stocksy that the sale was actually made. This promotion is not affiliated with Stocksy United.


It's a very good one. Great work!

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