Zions Cliffs

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This less traveled trail location is in an unpopular part of Zion National Park in southern Utah USA. I found this pleasant spot on the edge of a cliff it was full of color!zion cliffs 7x8.jpg

I like seeing the grain in the stone It appears as layers of time past.


What a cool spot and shot! I like how it all lined up.. And I didn't know where it was until we talked on the phone, and now it's even a cooler spot! I had a bunch of fun their and got some very memorable pictures, it was such unique landscape.. Very unusual from most of what' I've seen. That would be one spot I would like to drop back by sometime in the future, but I don't remember exactly where it was. Sounds like it was in Zion. Do you remember the name of the area?

Hey' its a part of Zion but not from the main entrance. We drove around to and took the Kolob Terrace Road to find this spot. no one else was around when we were there and that was nice very nice.

Cool thanks! I'm going to save that in my notes for the future. And yeah! It was a really nice there, I remember that spot pretty vividly.

wow, this is so very lovely!!! thank you for sharing your amazing photography on steemit. i just love this shot. :)

Your so welcome, thanks for the compliment!

Really amazing place. And your photography always makes the place immortal.

The place will live on for a long time. Thanks.

Great photo! You are always looking for beautiful objects for photos. I was able to see many new natural landscapes. Thank you.

Thanks your right about that and I have a lot more to show.

That's great and outstanding shot my dear friend I appreciate your post and your every post I follow and appreciated always some Tim I not seen your post but this time I see your post I am happy now just a great moment and just great photo and actually this picture is looking very mind blowing..
Keeping it up..

I love hearing its mind blowing, thanks for saying that!

It's very different photography stone hill. Thanks. @irvinesimages

I try to capture unique one of a kind photos. Your welcome!

Nice photo. Amazing stone. Thanks sir.

Your welcome and thank you!

nice view, although it seems a bit dangerous to climb up there.

We just have to be careful around the edges of the cliffs. Thanks!

A tunnel of natural wind. Great and beautiful!

It was a fine place to take a break and enjoy the view. Thank you!

Zion National Park has to be one of the most beautiful places in the world! Did you have to hike far / high to get this shot? I will be hiking the narrows and angels landing, next week. Hopefully, I can take some pictures almost as good as this one

Yes it is i agree, the hike was only about a quarter mile from the Kolob Terrace road. Have a great time on your hike and good luck on your photos.

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