Water And Clouds

in photofeed •  11 months ago 

Beautiful trough's filled with fresh rainwater, create a wonderful scenic setting. This is what you might see on a mostly sunny summer afternoon at the flatrock.

flatrock color 7x4.jpg

Cathedral Rock is located in Sedona Arizona USA.

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So beautiful pic i think behind the rock we will find a dinosaur. Regards

That would be cool, it would fit right in!

Quite a winding sort of twisting cool reflection shot. That's been a hard spot for me to get a good shot, you've done a nice job.

Hey thanks' I guess not bad for 20 years ago.

Thank . Very impressed. Incredibly beautiful landscape

That sounds great, its a wonderful compliment. Thanks!

It's made naturally.

Yes, its as natural as it gets.

great photography and very very nice place

Thank you very much!

Von den Fotos, die ich von Sedona gesehen habe, muss das eine der schönsten Landschaften in den USA sein.

Of the photos I've seen of Sedona, this must be one of the most beautiful landscapes in the US.

That's remarkable and I happen to agree. thanks!

Very beautiful picture.
You have nice and warm!
And we have winter.

Thank you, we might get some snow tomorrow.

So superb shot!!!
Carry on my dear friend..

lovely thing to say, thank you!

Hello @irvinesimages, it is something beautiful to look at, I can look at this for several minutes without problem, I love it is beautiful

Hello Martha, Cathedral rock always looks beautiful! Thank you!

Wow what a beautiful image! Stunning :) can’t wait to visit Sedona one day

Thank you sir and greetings. I hope the light and color are good when you visit.

Marvelous shot you have captured. I always enjoy your photographic magic.

That's magic to my ears, thank you!