Storm Clears

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Following heavy rain, the storm clears! Whats left is refreshing and beautiful. The reflection pool that mirrors Cathedral Rock is calm and peaceful adding to the majesty of it all.

storm clears 8x10.jpg

This image was captured on film years ago in Sedona Arizona USA.

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Hi @irvinesimages,It describes it perfectly , the colors are fabulous, the reflection in the small lake is very cute.

Hello Martha, Thanks for a very nice comment, I appreciate that.

That's a cool shot. The pool is really neat with the reflection. Awesome spot

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It's a special place and like you say awesome. Thank you.

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It's a truly beautiful shot. It looks familiar, is this one of the ones you sell? Or is there one from the same event that you sell? Whatever the case... It's a really nice shot! I love the clouds and blue sky mixed with the reflection and Cathedral. Excellent capture.

We were up there together on this one, I tried it on canvas many years ago. That's probably what you remember.

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