Statues Of Stone

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Its a marvelous sight, the blue sky above is hosting gentle floating clouds. As the timeless stone statues are now basking in the morning light.
The precious water fills dry washes then slowly drains away, while the colorful wet rock
comes alive after a very stormy night.
Its such a beauty to behold,
may those memories become more precious than gold.

center spires 7x4.jpg

This beautiful image was captured in Sedona Arizona USA.


Beautiful shot! When I first saw it I was like "Whoa..." And then the words you picked to go along with it were really great too! Awesome writing dad!

Wow thanks, guess I just felt like writing a poem. It was fun.

You definitely have a way to capture it and making it more majestic than I remembered when I saw the area with my own eyes.

Yes I think I understand, I'm out taking pictures when she looks her best and when she looks her best I don't see anybody else around. Most people don't get to see what I see because its not their life mission to be out there at the right time. For me its always about exploiting opportunity being at the right place at the right time. Simple reality.

Written like an artist. I'll be looking forward to see more of your work.

That sounds good , thank you.

wow, these are amazing!!! love the shot ... i need to learnnn :)

Hi eaglespirit, one thing that has worked well for me over the years is I first scout the shooting location, size up subjects angle and composition of photo. predict best lighting conditions then I go home and wait. Returning when nature is ready. I hope this helps.

@irvinesimages Hi there!! :) I will definitely take these into account and thank you so much!! I got the package yesterday and will post about it later on today! Thank you thank you thank you for such a lovely package full of wonderful presents. I LOVE Them so muchhhh ... teary hugs.

That's good to hear, thanks and enjoy!

@irvinesimages woot! i love love love my gifts and i will post a blog featuring how amazing they are. love, eagle

That's a great image! I'm still working on planning my trip to go here :-)

Thank you Josefine, good planning is a valuable asset and time well spent. Good luck with all that.

It sure is, thank you. How many days do you recommend spending in Sedona? and Arizona in general? I have three months to travel the west coast in total :-)

You are welcome. There's so many places to see in a certain amount of time. Its a math equation, how many places in how many days, how much time in each place including travel time. Based on importance and how it fits the puzzle. A place like Sedona up to a week but I would leave schedule open to change because its hard to be sure about things before it happens. There could be many unpredictable's come into play.

Thank you, Irvine! This is very helpful :-) Do you have any favourite spots there?

Yes many, the information is waiting for you.

Great, thank you :-)

They look majestic!

Yes they are and very much so, thanks much!

Wow, amazing image. Thanks @irvinesimages

Thanks for noticing and saying so.

Very beautiful scenery. And these stone statues were made by people or nature?

Made by nature, caused by forces of erosion which are rain, wind and freeze thaw. Thanks.

It is impressive how the rocks acquire these forms with the passage of time. I really like that reddish color. Beautiful take. Greetings Mr. Michael

Yes that's something I marvel at. Sedona has been eroding for 13 million years and the Grand Canyon has only taken about half at 6.5 million years. Thanks and greetings to you Lorena.

Perfect image of stone statues, thank you for giving us so many incredible images.

Your very welcome, its a fun journey thanks for your continued support!

It is indeed very beautifull.

Thanks for letting me know that and have a good day!

Once again, a beautiful photograph to your collection.
When I admire these landscapes I can identify them that come from you, they have your personality marked, so to speak.

It is such a beautiful beauty to contemplate,
May those memories become more precious than gold.

Normally, what kinds of memories do these images bring you?

Thanks for the in-depth comment very nice. The memories are from my experiences being out in nature trying to capture the magical moment. For me its a wonderful feeling of being in harmony with nature as that which can be seen and its intrinsic beauty conveyed to others with a photograph.

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