Softly Flowing Water

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The spring fed waters of Oak Creek gracefully flow over red sandstone while the setting sun shows a glowing Cathedral Rock. Making this a very peaceful setting. This image was captured in beautiful Sedona Arizona USA.

#55  Flowing Water 4x5.jpg

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The power of the nature

The power of nature is wonderful to see and enjoy!

Wow this looks beautiful and so calm!

That' how nature is good for the mind and spirit. Thank you Josefine.

Indeed. Have a good weekend :-)

i like your photography.your all mature photography is so beautiful.

Thank you.

Mind blowing shot you have captured my friend. Looks like the softly water is flowing in the heaven and you genious photographer captured it and send us in the world.

That's a wonderful way to look at our beautiful earth and it's relative spirituality. Thanks for that!

It is an exquisite picture. Positive face pauses and poses make the picture attractive. Pope has not seen the nation before. The wonderful background of the movie has touched my mind. The camera has a great use of the camera. It has been properly focused and framing. Thanks to the great picture that has been made. And the editors of this photo have added more mahita. Generally edited! These pictures will be inspired by Namidami Photographer. Moodle will be the cause of jealousy. This picture. Because of the combination of ordinary model, photographer, location and editing, I have seen so many beautiful picture..

Thanks for the big write up, you have many thoughts to express. Good job.

This is great photo ..I like this photo and I always this activity and creative..
Photography is my first choice is my life and I love capturing any photo and thats a great funny one and actually any photo smile just recently looking 1st..
Thank you very much for sharing and visiting my little bit good photo and this is my try my best and actually next provide my best photography or funny post or photo provide in this steemit.
That's all and thanks a lot for all steemit user and best of luck ..
Carry on your witness..
Just it...

I'm glad you like the photo. Keep trying the rewards will come. Good luck!

The combination of the landscape is so pleasing to the eye, it would be wonderful to get into the river with the foam that looks very soft.

That's a great idea I wish you could. This is a very popular swimming area and a cool relief from the intense high desert heat. Sometimes it can be quit crowded so they limit the parking. Thanks Liznella.

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wow..excellent nature photography..
Really this's amazing photography..
Really you your great ..
Thanks for share such post..
Dear @irvinesimages ..
So #Resteemed and #Upvote..

Thank you very much for vote and resteem.

Excellent nature photography.. And good traveling..i like your photography ..
Thanks for share..

Resteemed and Upvote

Thanks for checking it out. I'm happy to share.

Wow! Photography that is very fun to enjoy and your language is very soft and peaceful like running water ...


I like your comment it's very thoughtful, Thank you!

Peace is beautiful. Like your photography, which gives us peace. Regards! 👌

I agree and it's the best way to live in joy, Thanks for saying that. Greetings!

This is, a very beautiful photography and natural moment I love this travel photography and very good in your life that is very nice thanks for sharing this post up [email protected] your post

Thank you shiab that's anice compliment and for resteem.

Great combination!

Nature has a way of doing that and very nicely. Thanks!

very amazing

Good to hear from you, thanks!

Great natural photography. I love your all photography. You are a genious photographer.

That's marvelous to hear, thanks a lot!

Amazing photgraphy💜 your photography is always highly appreciable. Thanks for daily sharing beautiful photos with us.

Thank you, it's a lot of work but I enjoy sharing very much.

wow.amazing nature ..and excellent photography.. I like your photography.
Thank you for such amazing post..
Dear @irvinesimages.

Thanks so much, have a good day!

like haven photography.

Nice way to put it, thanks.

wow.wonderful this reality sir?

It certainly is at times. Thanks!