Simple Serenity

in #photofeed3 years ago

Table Top Rock is glowing red from the setting sun with pastel skies above and a vibrant Oak Creek below. It's a beautiful, peaceful summertime setting.

table top sunset++ 8x10.jpg

This image was shot on film during 2001 in Sedona Arizona USA.


Hi @irvinesimages ,you describe it very well, you can see the need that the land of water has, however, it continues with that green color that makes me think that it somehow receives water from its depth.

Hi Martha, you are right about the water source. Oak Creek is spring fed and has a perpetual flow rate of 98 cubic foot per second. Without the creek this would be a different place entirely.

You got some great colors in that one. Tabletop is lit up nice as well. Neat clouds above and such green trees below with a unique mountain in the middle. Cool capture!

Yes I like the variety of color, it's nice light. Thanks!

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