Prismatic View

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The North American Monsoon usually brings some heavy rainfall to Sedona and the Desert Southwest, during the summer months. Along with life giving rain some of the storms produce dazzling effects when special lighting comes into play. Rainbows are one of the highlights of the season.

mermaid rainbow+ 8x10.jpg

This image was captured on film during 2001 in Sedona Arizona USA. And is being entered in @czechglobalhosts 7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge - North American Friday week #128.


Fascinating scenery. Rainbows get rarely that distinct and colorful in photos. Congrats on this capture.

Thanks, I appreciate that. A telephoto lens and a polarizing filter does the trick.

Whoa. That's impressive! Epic in my opinion. Quite a vibrant and powerful rainbow you got and it's above a cool spot too! Those mountains have a neat and unique look and personality to them. Excellent capture and good luck in the photo challenge! PS... I just noticed I titled my picture "Prominent View" today and you titled yours "Prismatic View". Very similar titles in some ways.

That's another one from the good old days, more of natures wonders. Nice comparison on the titles too. Thanks for the great compliment.

Hello @irvinesimages. A perfect combination between the rainbow and the mountain...

Hello and thanks. I agree, Nature did good that day!

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