Indian Water

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Sitting under a small overhang on the edge of the rock formation, which is to the right of center frame, are the remnants of a prehistoric Sinagua Indian dwelling. The nearby waterfall is from rain water only and was probably their most significant source of water. These rocks are very saturated after three days of rain totaling close to four inches.

big rain-2 8x12.jpg

This image was captured on 3-13-2020 in Sedona Arizona USA.


I already saw this one and talked to you on the phone about it, but, might as well leave a comment anyways. That's a neat spot! I love waterfalls. Seems like it would be a cool place to live. I hope you get it in the future with the zoom lens.

I want to get the waterfalls that are above this one. Well thanks for the comment.

Hello @irvinesimages. These rock formations have a certain resemblance to the temples of India.

Hola @irvinesimages. Estas formaciones rocosas tienen cierto parecido a los templos de la India.

Thanks for sharing that, I think these are Natures temples for all to share in good spirit.

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