Greener Pastures Await

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zion highlands 8x10.jpg

This image was captured on film during 2002 at the Zion highlands in southern Utah USA.


I remember that trip! That sure was fun and some good memories. That spot was really beautiful! I'd never been anywhere quite like it, those fields were really neat and awesome to run around in. Very cool shot, it has a interesting feeling to it the way the foreground appears to be moving in the wind. Our earth sure does have a lot of different unique environments to appreciate! I hope greener pastures do await.

That was one of our most fun trips with Jon. Oh and what an amazing place.

Hi @irvinesimages ,I do not see your posts, I want to tell you that I wish that you and your family are well, that GOD takes care of you and bless you.
Infinite blessings for you and yours, take care of yourself my dear friend

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