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All the basic colors together in sequence, by wave length of refracted light inside perfectly round raindrop's, graceful in free fall, spreading joy to life, being the essence!

epic-4 8x12.jpg

This image was captured on Friday the 13th 2020 in Sedona Arizona USA.


Creative description! I like the words you chose and such a beautiful rainbow as well. That sure was a nice surprise! Glad I listened to you and went out and it was good to see you out there as well, that was a fun day! Happy to share it with you.

This was the best rainbow in a long time and it came at the tail end of a monster three day storm. It was breathtaking and great experience to share. Thanks.

That a cool picture. The rainbow looks so close. Very neat. I actually saw a rainbow in person yesterday for the first time in years. They are a spectacular part of nature.

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I zoomed in to make it big, it was super vibrant. You seem to be rainbow starved but I know the rain in northern climates can be boring and dreary at least. It's a wonderful thing to see anytime, Thanks.

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