Cute Little Cumulus

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During a hot summer afternoon with storm clouds building across the valley, There's a gap in the cloud structure letting the sunlight in which causes this row of cumulonimbus to start growing with the potential for rain not far off.

IMG_0551mingus clouds 7x9.jpg

Looking across the Verde Valley to Mingus Mountain, just outside of Sedona Arizona USA.


That's a nice pleasant view! Very peaceful looking. I like all the layers and bands going on as I mentioned to you earlier on the phone. That's a neat area to film, thanks for sharing the cool shot!

Thanks Paul! This shot was totally spontaneous. I love this kind of momentary highlight.

That's the beauty of Sedona garden. I appreciate your brilliant photography my friend.

It's natures wonderful garden growing fruits for you my friend!

wow,really very fantastic view you capturing landscape.i am appreciate your every post.because everyday showing new nature beauty of environment in your are brilliant photographer in this community.specially sky blue colour mix white and down field green.overall dear friend.. @irvinesimages

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I like the description you give, thanks for your perspective!

Good shot for today.!

Yes a little more variety, thanks and greetings!

Nice photo of the landscape, the hill in combination with the small clouds.

Thanks Liznella, I thought we should give some attention to the little clouds too. Oh there all beautiful!

Hello @irvinesimages, the clouds look like small cotton flakes suspended in the sky, it contrasts very well with the soft color of the earth and the grass.
Have a nice night:)

You have a discerning eye and a very good interpretation of the image. I appreciate your artistic visual awareness. Thanks and good night.

Muy buena foto amigo. Desde Venezuela

Mucho gracias, senior.

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