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Standing outside you would never know what incredible beauty lies within these narrow canyon walls. Solid rock carved away through time by the relentless forces of Nature. Flash floods combined with freeze thaw in the winter and year round wind, slowly remove the red sandstone a grain at a time. Leaving behind a gallery of natural art.

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This image was captured on film during 2001 in Antelope Canyon, Page Arizona. And is being entered in @czechglobalhosts 7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge - North American Friday week #124.


Hi @irvinesimages ,I just want to wish you.
Happy weekend for you and yours

Hi Martha, Thank you with best wishes and happy weekend to you.

Wow! Love that shot and would love to visit that one in person.

This place is so unique and worth seeing however it's become very crowded nowadays. Thank you much!

Whoa! What a cool capture and a unique and interesting view! That's wild and beautiful looking. I like what you had to say about it as well, your prose sounds like poetry the way you word some of these things and that's a good point in regard to not knowing what kind of beauty lies within. I think that's a great metaphor for so many other things in life as well! We often don't realize just how much beauty is contained within certain things. At least it seems that way to me, I could be wrong. Anyways... That's an excellent shot! It was awesome to go up there with you a few times and film there with you! And... Good luck in the photo challenge!

That's quite the place. I remember how people were so surprised and amazed once inside the canyon. It sure was fun to see it with you and Jon, great memories. Thanks for another great compliment!

Es increíble el aspecto que puede adquirir un entorno cuando penetra en él la luz solar. Gracias por compartirlo @irvinesimages… Feliz fin de semana.

It's amazing what an environment can look like when sunlight penetrates it. Thanks for sharing it @irvinesimages... Happy weekend.

Your right, the light gives us the color we enjoy. Thanks.

Hola @irvinesimages, sí que lo es, una obra de arte natural que impresionante debe ser estar allí.

Hello @irvinesimages, yes it is, a natural work of art that must be impressive to be there.

Hello sekhet, yes a one of a kind experience.

Nice capture!
Very juicy light and color.
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