Positano and the Tyrrhenian Sea

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The crystal clear mediterranean waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea in front of Positano. Positano is one of those magical places that seems like it is from a fairy tale. The limoncello from this part of the Amalfi coast is amazing.

Those that follow my work know I spend a lot of time in remote wild places. It is nice to have a break from the wild in places like Positano from time to time. It is a different kind of holiday . I would love to hear from people what their perfect kind of holiday would be ? Or if there is actually a perfect kind?


Positano is on the Amalfi Coast (Costiera Amalfitana), in Campania, Italy.

If you would like to learn a little bit more about my background in photography you can read the interview @photofeed did with me here

Robert Downie
Love Life, Love Photography

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Coastal towns that are built slanted on mountain sides are so beautiful

Coastal towns that are
Built slanted on mountain sides
Are so beautiful

                 - programmingvalue

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Yes. Something special about them. Especially old ones.

The Tyrrhenian Sea has so much history. The sea of Rome.

I've been to positano earlier this year and I really enjoyed the beautiful landscape!! Sadly it was so crowded that we had to walk up the hills like penguins...

Hmm. I was there in 2010 so there would have been less Instagram masses .

aah, you need to choose your time to visit, and avoid peak tourism hours.. then you will enjoy the magic!

WOW, amazing pic! Upvoted!

how beautiful the sea looks in the picture changes from blue to green on the shore. It is an excellent take thanks for sharing it, I would have liked to see some more

Thanks. I will have to have a look though the shoot!

Wow, such a great place! Good view. You have clicked very sharp shots and I really like the rich and vivid colours of the trees and the whole environment.

Very cool place to go for a vacation. I would love to visit this place some day! Will be adding to my bucket list. Truly alluring!

Been meaning to get up an explore that area. Simply beautiful a cool view truly nature is the best way to relax and set mind with the positive impact on the environment how lucky we are for having a good life and good adventure exploring natures beauty. This is a great photo also. When I have the opportunity to go on a vacation i'll surely visit this place.

Wow, such a great place! Wonderful shots there's a lot going on in the sea.

If you get the chance you should.

Indeed it looks like it's from a fairly take. For me, the perfect holiday would having a room that overlooks the water and taking dives into the water.

That sounds like a nice setup!

What an incredible view. Australia is #2 on my list 😍😍😍

Nice. Australia is a beautiful place to visit for sure.

Perfect kinds of holidays depends on the people XD

This scene does look very much like it belongs in a movie, or somehow came out of someone's imagination while they were writing their bestselling fantasy novel :)

Yes the people make the holiday for sure.

Is it very challenging to drive there? Roads appear pretty narrow.

Well no more challenging than most places.

wow! this is just beyond imagination.

being out there in the sea, God's creation, it's like a gift he has given us to enjoy. beautiful!

Lovely shot! Thank you.

Nature is wonderful !!

beautiful photo of a very beautiful place 😍

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excellent composition
great view

oh my! makes me wanna live there. beautiful place!

Would be a lovely place to spend some years relaxing.

amazing! the sea is the universal sewer.

Ha yes. Some places more than others.

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I also wants to go Tyrrhenian sea for spend my vacation
Thank you interpidphotos for giving me the idea of ​​this place☺️

I gave you a vote!
If you follow me, I will also follow you in return 🙂

beautiful place n beautiful photography

I Like these Beautifull houses near the sea

howdy sir intrepidphotos! wow. well I've never been on a vacation but I think Positano would be a good place to start!

Never been on a vacation? Wow.

yeah it's crazy. Well I've always worked on a farm or had my own small businesses where we worked 365 days a year so it's a little different than most people.

Do you plan on taking one soon? I know a lot of framers and they never take holidays.

No sir but sometime when we're in better financial standing, probably a few years is all.

Even a low cost holiday somewhere locally would be nice. Hope you have a break financially.

Yes sir that's what we'll do, my wife just started a good job and I'm looking but we have no debt so we can jump ahead rather quickly.

There are many blueberries in our house and we are always taught to be careful about picking them as beer :) So yeah, you're lucky that you do not face any bear. They feel bigger and fat at slow speed, but you can say that they do everything - down the hill and down, climb a tree, swimming and everything they are better than us.

You've taken some great photos and I'd like to share some photography tips. Thanks for that!

what a good place..

nice sea

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Beautiful lovely picture!!! Great shot my friend

Yo creo que para cada quien, siempre hay algo perfecto en este mundo. Esa es una hermosa fotografía; la vida atrapada entre el azul del cielo y del agua. ¡Gracias por compartirla!

Gracias. Apuesto a que te detengas a echar un vistazo a mis fotos.

This place is so relaxing! I would love to visit the crystal clear Mediterranean waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea someday! thanks for this!

Thanks mate ! Its a wonderful spot.

You're welcome! :)

Well, I always love to spend my holiday at the beach, grill some barbecue while having drinks and a little chitchat with my family and friends. Positano could be a great place to visit to spend the holiday. It has great views, interesting structure and history, and crystal blue waters of the sea.

Sounds like you would love it.

What a post beautifull place its realy amazing

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