On the Origin of STEVE: Particle Precipitation or Ionospheric Skyglow?

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For all the astrophotographers and night sky enthusiasts out there I suggest you check out Bea Gallardo-Lacourt’s new paper “On the Origin of STEVE: Particle Precipitation or Ionospheric Skyglow?” So we now know that while Steve accompanies an aurora, it is not actually formed by the same mechanism of particles raining down into the ionosphere. The paper suggests that Steve is an entirely new phenomenon distinct from typical auroras, as the POES-17 satellite detected no charged particles impacting with the ionosphere during the Steve event which was studied. This means that is likely produced by an entirely different yet unknown mechanism they call “skyglow”. The skyglow is somehow related to the band of fast-moving ions and super-hot electrons passing through the ionosphere right where Steve was observed.

I took the shot below of Steve over Circle Lake in Eskers Provincial Park, Northern British Columbia, Canada. It was a very dark night so you can see some skyglow in the sky along with some green from the Aurora Borealis in the North to the right of frame. STEVEoverCircleLake1.jpg

You can find a summary of the paper here up on the American Geophysical Union (AGU) website. The paper itself can be found here here. You can even see a rare photo of me in the AGU article taken by my good friend Ryan Sault which I pasted below.

Steve Paper.JPG

You can see the shots that I took that night in my post Who is Steve? from earlier in the year.

Robert Downie
Love Life, Love Photography

The first image in this post was taken by and remain the Copyright of Robert Downie - http://www.robertdowniephotography.com. The second image was taken by and remain the Copyright of Ryan Sault and has been reproduced with permission.



Its editing

That first photo is indeed well worth studying; what a beautiful look at the night sky with a phenomenon foreign to most of us Steemians, I think. So many stars!

Beautiful! Amazing! Picture and post! image

me encanta esa fotografia

Hi @intrepidphotos!

Beautiful photos!
I'm new here and don't know how everything works. I posted some photos but noboddy seems to notice. How do I start?

I like your photos very much. You have a talent. I also take pictures. I invite you to my blog. You will certainly find something for yourself. If you like something please vote for me :-) See you later

Wow this is the sort of shot would love to be able to take!!
I launched my own photo contest today, I hope you will enter. https://steemit.com/contest/@sallybeth23/new-pay-to-enter-photo-contest-for-amateur-photographers-win-steem

These pictures are AMAZING! Great captures. I bet it was a awesome night out.

Great photos and very informative discuss on the origin of this phenomenon.
Quality work @intrepidphotos

Thanks for a nice post

Beautiful! Amazing! Picture and post! image

Beautiful! Amazing! Picture and post! image To be in the place and time indicated to witness this type of spectacle that is called being blessed ...

@intrepidphotos I thought these photos were photoshopped. Just one word for this - Wow!

Absolutely gorgeous! Love it, thanks so much!

Amazing your image...

I want to learn how to take photos like you. I am very amateur about photography. before, I really liked photography for a long time. Only now do I have my own camera. I got it from when I joined Steemit.

The best way to learn is to look at the types of photos you like and then just get out and take some photos. Even if it is just with your phone. There are lots of great tutorials out on the web.

Excellent article and great photography. It is refreshing to see some real thought being put into image making, something I found sorely lacking in my college art days. I am going to look into this STEVE more now! Thanks for the work @intrepidphotos

Thanks. The more you look into steve the deeper the mystery gets !

That's wow. For the nature lovers I'm pretty sure it is a Golden experience.

It was great experience.

An interesting phenomenon and awesome photography, Robert!

Also a great portfolio here, just followed you,



Absolutely mind blowing. Must have been a blissful experience. I envy you

Thanks. Appreciate you taking the time to have a look.

The Earth has quite a following on this one. Thank you for your contributions !
Good fortune.



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