Ice World

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"The ice is near, the solitude tremendous - but how calmly all things lie in the light! How freely one breathes! How much one feels beneath oneself! " Friedrich Nietzsche, 1888

There is always something surreal about ice landscapes. Your brain tries to make sense of them, but the repetitive uniformity and endlessness defy logic. After a while it seems like your staring into a giant fractal; a truly humbling experience. At its terminus the Perito Moreno Glacier has an average thickness of 170m (558ft); the contorted ripples on the surface are between 30 and 60 m (98 and 195 ft) high. The climbers in the first shot help provide some scale. The glacier makes up a tiny fraction of the Southern Patagonian Icefield which with a total area of 12,363 km2 (4,773 sq mi) of ice is the third largest body of fresh water in the world (after the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets). As the planet continues to warm up, the ice sheet is melting at an alarming rate and has retreated over 10km since Nietzsche wrote those words in his final book Ecce Homo: How One Becomes What One Is.

The shot below is of a large section of ice that was under stress, and fracturing, from nearby part of the glacier not far from here. The extreme brightness of the ice, capable of causing snow blindness in a short period of time, has silhouetted out the sky. Argentine Patagonia, Argentina


Robert Downie
Love Life, Love Photography

All images in this post were taken by and remain the Copyright of Robert Downie -

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Thank you for such an interesting information, and such interesting photos :)

love this

There is nothing beautiful than nature

Magical. Great photo. Surreal indeed. Even the photo can stir such emotion. What more in real life. Thanks for posting.

beautiful but slippy i guess

that is absolutely gorgeous and exotic


Absolutely stunning pictures! Is the acces to the glacier easy (like a trail in an national park) or do you have to climb to get there?


You need some equipment like ice axe and crampons. You can bring your own or you can go with a tour. It is easy to get to the edge of the glacier; walking on it not as easy as you might think and quite dangerous unless you know what your doing.

Very interesting information, also the image of the glacier is impressive and very nice. in short words I can say that it is surprising

Just..WOW!! Breathtaking..


Thanks. Hope your well !

Good job, greetings!

It would be a great experience to hike there. Snowblindness would not be that great :D


They have sun glasses for that !

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It always looks like another planet.
I thought those people were penguins at first...


Just some people in penguin suits !

Nice work. Love you included people, it gives a sense of scale


Thanks. The people do help with the scale thats for sure.

nice photo !!!


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Thank @fireawaymarmot for this great gif!

Amazing pictures, love it


Thank you !


Wonderful landscape!!

Nice photos, especially the second one. Did you use a red light filter for that one, or was there that much contrast naturally? It looks like jagged teeth.

¡Quite lo pases genial allí en Argentina!


Thanks. I did not use any filters for the shots. There was just a lot of natural contrast. If you reduce the exposure levels by spot metering on the ice itself you can bring out the colour (and blacken the sky)


Very cool! It sort of looks like one of those artist's renditions of an exoplanet.

The Ice looks magical


It is quite something.

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amazing !

Magical photos of ice world


You Welcome

In addition to the impressive landscape of a glacier, it is terrible what its disappearance implies for the human race ... and due to our own fault, perhaps destiny!?.


Yes it is sad to see. Time will tell where things go from here !

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WOW... Absolutely breathtaking. The ice looks so surreal, really excellent photos.
I hope to see more in future...
Great, just great 😊


Thanks mate ! Appreciate your kind words. It's a speical part of the world down there in Patagonia.


You're welcome 😊
Really special... Like it‘s out of this world or part of a fictional world.

beautiful perspective in taking the picture, amazing shot of forbidden nature.,


A girl recently showed me a picture of a glacier from beyond Patagonia, Argentina and it impressed me so much that I started to investigate it, it is shocking that nature's character and really admirable. I would like to see some day with my own eyes a glacial of great magnitude. You have my upvote, salute.


Thanks. You should try and see it at least once in your life.

The world warming up is man made. We can never stop what we are doing now, we can never halt all power plants or we can' t stop pumping greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. Time will come when these glaciers will all melt, but mother earth will sure change on global scale to balance all this things.


There are lots of alternatives to what we are doing now. We just have to shift to them.


but were timid and unable to do it

Beautiful, hermoso, magical, que fotos tan preciosas... thanks

This is Wooow!


This ice images take us to another world, so beautiful.

i like the picture man

Great post with a great photo . Thanks for posting about Ice world .

Awesome work great job.You've got a lot of work for this.

thank you for that formative article and great images.

The shots are amazing

Greetings friends, great post. very nice the words here published and the extraordinary images, who was going to think that the man would arrive beyond his magination ...

Hello good night! I love everything you write, and I know that thanks to your talent you will follow the successes and you will have the best rewards thanks to that! Congratulations

"The ice is near, the solitude tremendous - but how calmly all things lie in the light! How freely one breathes! How much one feels beneath oneself!"

I love that a lot. It was smooth reading it.
Your content is quite enjoyable. Ice!!!!!!! Well i only see that in my fridge when power stays long enough for ice to form in the freezer. 🙊

Thanks for sharing.

those ice are amazing work of nature

Amazing. Resteemed!


Thanks guys ! Always special to see a comment from photofeed!

excelente información, las fotografías espectaculares...!!!

thank you so much for such an interesting information and such interesting photos for all thank you

a breathtaking sight. I hope someday get there,

"The Polar ice caps melting as the sea levels rise
A World of flooded coastal Lands not hard to visualize
In the Artic in a decade from now there may not be a Polar Bear
So many species of birds and animals on the endangered list
and so many species rare
To combat Global warming I cannot say I've done my best
As an environmentally aware person I have not passed the test
Above the coastal city black smog lines in the sky
Of droughts and floods, storms, fires and famines no need to wonder why
The warnings of environmental disasters by Climate Change experts 'twould seem have been in vain
Why we only fear an economic downturn is beyond me to explain
The economy is built on Nature and when Nature is feeling ill
The economy will die a natural death our fate is Nature's will
The World climate changing from north to southern shore
And we talk of the economy and Nature we ignore. " - Francis Duggan


Sad to read.


I think it's important to have these conversation, despite them being heartbreaking. The more aware we become, the more conscious decisions we can make as one nation.

No words come to mind to describe the beauty of the photos. I'm glad they were captured so they can be preserved for future generations to admire. Excellent post, my friend.


You're welcome

Wow dude, these photos are really something - crazy to think what mother nature can produce


Thanks mate. Nature always amazes me.

Sometimes I feel like we are making ourselves more important than we are. Maybe nature needs to do this, the warming up, to restore some kind of state, correct something that is wrong. Maybe it is not as much our doing, but greater powers are at work.

Could it be we are just fooling ourselves by thinking we can stop the process. There have been periods of floods and ice in the existance of earth at times we did not have all the things that are said to be the cause of the current warming of the earth.

Great pictures. Images like these, show us how tiny we are compared to the universe.

Thanks for sharing.


The issue is the world is warming at rates 170 times faster than historical cycles. This does not allow things to adapt as species evolution can only move very slowly. There is no question over the human induced causes of this warming.


I understand, I just hope it is true. If we cause it, we can repair it.

Interesting and nice photos... 👍

Amazing images! Thanks for sharing.

Wow ! Not only are the pictures amazing but your post if full of amazing information ! Thank you for the free education ! Keep it up boss !


Cheers mate

Great post; thanks for sharing. Beautiful pic. Followed!
I have recently created my blog, I invite you to check my posts! Thx


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It's mesmerizing to look at any surreal scenery that the Earth has.

On the second picture, not sure if it's just me but it looks like there are hands reaching out.


I can see them now you mention it !

That blue is very beautiful, amazing shots and lights!

Wow.looks cool
Such a tranquil looking place. The pictures are calming and just beautiful

Thank you for such an interesting information, and such interesting photos :)

There is nothing beautiful than nature

Much thanks to you for such a fascinating data, and such intriguing photographs :)

Wow, from these shots it looks as if the ice were actually a living, breathing, and moving creature.

Don't wake it up... let it go back to sleep...


I think we have woken it up unfortunately !

Casually stalking your page because I’m very jealous of all the the surroundings you have been able to capture, your work is amazing!


Ha. "Casually stalking" must be a term of the internet age . Thanks for the kind words. Stalk away !

It's so unreal and somehow cartoonish. Amazing.

Great photo man!
In the beginning, I thought they where penguins. Lol

Unusual picture, blue ice - very impressive!

beautiful ice capture, it's awesome, hope to be there once

Your photography is giving me new wallpapers for my phone everyday. Thanks anyway for showing us world from your beautiful perspective


Glad your enjoying them.

That main picture is amazing. There's definitely something out of this world about ice landscapes. Good post.