Steem Price hasn't been looking up and yet I AM BACK.

in photofeed •  2 months ago

No, I didn't run away.


Let's just say I went on an adventure.
No, Not like Walter Mitty adventure or Journey to the Center of the earth kinda adventure. This is an African boy's adventure. In Nigeria sighs.

So here's my run down for these months I've been away guys;

-- I've been in school (Cries).
-- I am in final year now. (Yeahhhhhhhh).
-- I have not gotten a girlfriend yet.
-- I attended my first Photography Masterclass. (Damn, I felt like quitting photography, these guys were awesome).
-- Relax...I didn't quit.
-- I fell in love with mobile photography again.
-- I think my pictures are better now.
-- The best part, I am on holiday now so it's me and you all day.

IMG_20180810_162753~2.jpg Took this with and android phone though.

Heh, told you it wasn't that kind of adventure. But Long story short, I'm Back here now. Posting some of my new works and learning from great guys here. It's good to be back here. Leggoooo

Big shout out to the guys I've missed:
@jayclar30 and @nevies

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Note taken 😊


Welcome back my friend :) Wish you a nice final year! @techchain


Thank you very much

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Welcome and good morning.

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i was just thinking who is not posting from the photogames (there are few of you) and i checked your profile and seen that you did not post for a while. thought that you quit.
welcome back.


Thanks @bil.prag feels good to be back.
I missed the games the most

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Hey, Wadup bro!

Welcome back, my man, I've been away too for some long while trying to keep the hood safe and keep the daughters of men in check. And just like you too, I'm back.

I used to think your photos were great before, but now you're saying you've gotten better! Can't wait to see what you gon' put out this time, I'm gon' be on the lookout.

Want a girlfriend? I can give you priceless advice, ain't nobody know bout these ladies than your friendly neighborhood gangsta


😂 lol you've not changed a bit bro. Welcome back too man