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in #photofeed6 years ago (edited)

It's on the way. There is a Utopian contribution and a test post here.

What does it do? Instead of EXIF data in comments, EXIF data will go directly in your post (immediately under the image). Each image in a post will have a table describing EXIF data for that image. It can be pretty verbose, so there are profiles and even custom profile settings that can be used to limit the data to exactly what you want.

In the future, there will be a customization interface that allows you to create your own profiles and handle registering with the bot. This is a huge step as we move away from automated comment posting.

Please Vote Your Favorite Witness...Me!

Vote for r351574nc3


A great new feature! I hope usage goes through the roof.

This is really cool!
When is expected the release of the customization interface?

Thank you, I follow you with love.


Sometime next week. This week is a vacation week. Thanks for your support!

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