Vantage point

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Vantage point

Mobile phone photography, original content.


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CategoryMobile phone photography
SettingsISO64 2,35mm (in 35mm: 28mm) f/2,0 cropped to square
CameraHuawei P8


Wow, this is beautiful.

Thank you!

I used to live in Spain,Sitges,Costa Brava. I love that country,I wouldn't hesitate to live there again if I had the chance!

I was only visiting Barcelona (I live in Finland) but it was nice and I finally got to see the Fundació Mies van der Rohe in person :)

HEY nice shot, good composition.

Thanks a lot!

Thank you!

You are welcome! I am following you, keep on these beautiful shots!

Thanks! Followed back :)

Thank you!!!

outstanding ! natural view

Beautiful picture

Thank you!

Our lovely and loved ancient landscapes of Spain and our innocent youngsters put together , excellent drakmin , great idea and great shot, keep on ;)

Thank you! Ancient rock and ground, old tree and a young human :D

Wow..... Great photography the background looks lovely with perfect shades.

beautiful landscape

Thank you!

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ohhh, nice girl and the nice place, good job Mr. @drakmin

Thank you!

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