Gone Sledding

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What’s the funnest thing you can do in the Wintertime? Yup, it’s Sledding! Last week it was a balmy -13C or 8F, so we took the new sled out for its “maiden voyage.” Here are a few of those shots!

~ a Sony A7R III and Zeiss 55mm lens was used. ~


ISO 100 ~ f/2.2 ~ 1/800 sec


ISO 100 ~ f/2.2 ~ 1/800 sec


ISO 100 ~ f/3.2 ~ 1/500 sec


Thanks to @papa-pepper for creating this logo for @daveks!


wow! @daveks it looks really fun! is it electric? Where did you buy that? cheers mate!

Just a regular sled. Nothing too fancy!
Thanks for looking

cheers mate! ;)

That’s a crazy looking sled, feel like I would bust ass riding it haha 😂. I’ll stick to my snowboard!

I like your post

Ahhhhh looks so fun! I'm at the BEACH right now Dave... Not a cloud in the sky 😉

Wanna switch?

Good i like it but we dont have here in my cuntry

that's just for dwarfs hahahah

wow soo cool!!

Enjoy!!!! 😊😊😊😊

You have amazing photo shots

Is it bad am kinda jealous 😁
Have never seen ice that size before(it doesn't snow where am from)
Keep having fun tho

Is that you @daveks? Look having fun :)

What won't I know on steemit. This community is full of genius!

Oh WHOA!! that thing looks fun!!!