these things I know...

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I know the thrill of the grasses
when the rain pours over them.
I know the trembling of the leaves
when the winds sweep through them.

I know what the white clover felt
as it held a drop of dew pressed close in its beauteousness.

I know the quivering of the fragrant petals
at the touch of the pollen-legged bees.
I know what the stream said to the dipping willows,
and what the moon said to the sweet lavender.

I know what the stars said
when they came stealthily down and
crept fondly into the tops of the trees.
Muriel Strode (1875–1964), Creation Songs: V, A Soul's Faring, 1921

photos by

Nikon D3100
Nikkor Lens 55mm f/1.8
Adobe Lightroom

©All rights reserved, 2018


Nice poem, and great colours and sharpens in the pictures.

Glad you enjoyed them @harkar. Thank you :)

I love the shots of the raindrops on the grass...and the selection of poetry. The two fit together so well!

How are you doing @cecicastor? I've been thinking about you and hoping you are taking care of YOU as well as the others.

I'm glad you enjoyed the photos and poetry. Keep well!

I am trying too. Last couple of days have been tough. I haven't posted because I need a bit of a break to collect my thoughts and regroup my sanity...

I understand. At least you have the distraction of Steemit, even if you are just reading posts. As a nurse you already know how important it is to stay mentally rested too.

I love the shots of the raindrops.
I have always wanted to take a shot of rain or raindrops, but I need a better camera, since my pictures never turn out this clear and beautiful but I love the idea.

Thank you @joalvarez. I'm glad you like them. I love raindrops too.:)

super top images

I love water droplet photographs a lot

brava !

Very nice photos! And I totally think you would love a macro lens :-) It sort of makes one wonder whether those v-shaped leaves are intended to channel water or hold onto it.

I like the composition in the first one, but the leaf texture in the second image is nice, and you get a little maginfication through the dropplet. Very cool.

It's amazing what a little movement makes in texture - I moved to the other side of the plant and the leaf texture was perfect (in my mind anyway), but not the first one - so it has to be the way the light hit the plant from the other side.

I probably would like a macro lens. I'm very curious about things up close - probably bc I can't see up close :)

Thanks Mark.!

lovely marriage of the poem and photos - everything pearl-covered and dewy

Isn't that a beautiful poem? Have you heard of it before?

No, but I love it :)

The photos are lovely! I really enjoy capturing droplets... dew, rain, whatever... on plants and flowers. And the words definitely create a mood, there. A very nice peaceful interlude here in the "crypto jungle!"

Thank you so much @reddragonfly. I appreciate the visit and your comment is greatly appreciated. Have a nice weekend!

Fabulous shots @countrygirl! Wow, to capture those drops on the leaves, you can almost see a picture within the clear drops. Excellent detail! Love it!

Thanks miss @birdsinpardise!! How are things progressing?

Very beautiful photos. The water drops reflect the words beautifully again. I really like your post

Glad you enjoyed them @steemornot. Thanks for stopping by :)

OMG! I just can't believe if this is real. Amazing photo like the amazing wallpaper on the desktop. Really, really "the killer pict"

And last one, you are briliant to choice the quotes. I enjoyed, always, your post.

aw....that's sweet, thank you @anggreklestari. Glad you enjoy the images and poetry/quotes.

Gorgeous captures wonderful quotes @countrygirl The simplicity and beauty of your images is so very appealing. Have a great weekend my friend.

Thanks so much have a wonderful weekend too! Today is Sunday....and it's 100F outside and even tho I'm inside I can feel the oppressive humidity. I think a movie would be nice about now.

Thank you @countrygirl. You have my sympathy with having to put up with the humidity. A movie in a cool air conditioned sounds like the best revenge for the heat. (:

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I love this poem.

Those sexy bees…

I know the quivering of the fragrant petals
at the touch of the pollen-legged bees.

I didn't even think of that!! haha

Very nicely photographed...well done

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Don't you just love hunting out the dew or rain on items and trying to get a great shot of it?! These are awesome and get me excited about hunting my own. As always, the perfect poem to go with your photographed subject. cute!

Yes, I love to find water droplets's not as easy to get the clear shot I want - practice practice.

Thanks for your always engaging comments!

Love the water droplets! I used to paint water droplets on leaves, but it's wayyy more fun to see what you have done :)

You were a painter? Interesting!

Oh, wow...great shots and perfect alignment on the first one ;)