it's butterfly o'clock

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just living is not enough, said the butterfly,
one must have sunshine,
and a little flower.
Hans Christian Andersen

Eastern Swallowtail Butterfly


  • native to eastern North America eastern coast from Ontario to Florida (sometimes found in Turkey)

  • it is the state butterfly of 6 states - Alabama, Delaware, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Texas

  • it's new to me - I have never seen one until last weekend

  • the male is yellow with black stripes and the female is black with yellow stripes with a blue band on the hind wing

  • their wing span is 7.9 to 14 cm (3.1 to 5.5 in)

  • in caterpillar stage they have an amazing defence against predators - hawks, crows and other black birds, owls, squirrels, oposums, raccoons, hornets to name a few.

  • the caterpillar mimics the shape and color of bird droppings - they also have a gland that secrets a foul smelling substance to repel their enemies

  • some adult females can imitate the sound/cry of the poisonous blue swallowtail

  • their life span is only one month

Butterflies of Canada
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I am going to be taking some time away from Steemit for the summer. My plan is to travel - I have two places in mind. Also I have several small road trips planned to small towns in Ontario.

Enjoy your summer everyone and be well.


Nice shots, Deb! I haven't seen one of those yet, this year! Kind of jealous. We had one in the garden last year, that I stalked with a big lens.

The way the fly is fascinating to watch, too. Butterflies in general seem to be completely incapable of flying in any kind of straight line and, yet, they still seem to manage to land right on target. Is that a sweet rocket that your swallowtail is landed on?

Enjoy your summer! We'll miss your posts...

Hope you are just busy doing fun things! I miss you!

nature and you are wonderful when you come together!
congratulations on perfect photography!

Be well. Know that you will be missed.

Gorgeous images of flowers and butterfly @countrygirl I love the wonderful contrast of brown and cream colours on the swallowtails sings. So beautiful. How exciting to have some travel arrangements planned. I’m doing a few road trips myself while our weather is cooler as I find outdoor activities a lot more pleasant than in our hot summer months. I know I shall miss you but I am very happy for you and will look forward to your return. Stay well. Be safe and enjoy your break. Blessings my friend. 🌺

Beautiful butterfly! I love the hint of blue mixed into the other colors. Great shots too.

Excellent! I have no luck with butterflies, they're too quick for me... yours are great and I'm sharing :) I was not familiar with this type of butterfly.

You lucky girl. Nature really cooperated with you. Those are some great shots, Deb:)


I wish for you travels full of magic and wonder...

And for me, lovely photos you've taken, when you return...




and this is for you my friend......I know how you enjoy music and words

Thank you, Deb...

That is a remarkable song. It puts me in mind so strongly of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, and how they faced down Nebuchadnezzer with truth...

"Our GOD is able to deliver us from your hand, o king...
and, even if he does not, we will not bow down."

Powerful. Moving.

Thank you, Dear.



Oh my goodness were you so excited to see this? it is beautiful! awesome photos @countrygirl! Have safe travels , cant wait to hear, and see photos (perhaps to see kids too?) You'll be missed!

It's very beautiful picture and I like a beautiful butterflies

pictural poetry, congratulations dear countrygirl. Very succesfull shot!

And have a nice day my friend :)

Thank you, Dear! Enjoy your time and take plenty of photos you gonna share with us later on :) I'm so curious about your destinations!
Hugs & Kisses

Buenas tardes, bello, hermoso Post. Las fotos tienen buena vista. Te invito a visitar mi blog hasta luego. Saludos desde Venezuela.

Miss seeing you here...

Hope you and J.J.G. are doing well....... :D



Leave it to you to check on me.... so sweet of you.

Here's a little piece of rapture for you. Listen with your eyes closed and heart open. I know you know this one. I've been listening to it over and over today and thot it was perfect to share with you. Check steemit chat for a DM from me :)

the prayer

Thank you, Dear, and for this and for the Steemit chat message. :D

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