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A few weeks ago, @jarvie posted about how to shoot landscape photos from a moving vehicle.

He wrote a list of tips and of course posted some amazing examples.

I gave it a go last weekend.

Most of my shots were blurry as expected. A few turned out. I edited some of them in muted split tones (because I like doing that) and also left them as shot.

The photos were taken at the end of a cloudy day. ISO was at 400 and shutter speed 1/2000 sec.

I tried to follow as many of his tips as possible. Although I'm not even close in comparison to @jarvie with my camera, I think I did okay for my first try. Practice.

Give it a try too and see what you come up with. I made up a tag #drivebyphotos.




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Nikon D3100
Nikkor Lens 55mm-200mm
Adobe Lightroom

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That sounds like fun as long as you weren’t driving and drive by shooting :)
Bahhh who am I to talk I do it all the time lol. My favourite is the greenhouse!

noooo......I was the passenger!! I was going to put up a disclaimer....hehe.....

I like the greenhouse too. :)

Your subjects were much closer to the car than mine... making what you had to photograph much more difficult.
I'm glad you liked that post.

I really did like your post. I find a lot of great gems from you and others. I appreciate you sharing the tips. Thank YOU!

I think you did really well for the first time! I like the greenhouse the best and second would have to be the second photo with the clouds.

Aw..thanks so much @cecicastor. I'm always a little hesitant to post things like this where I'm not too sure. I'm glad you enjoyed the same photo as John. :)

Great minds think alike...LOL

Impressive. I'll be traveling soon, and I will give it a go.

I have a long history of horrendous car shots.

Give it a go....make sure you are the passenger though - someone has already challenged me on that kept the focus just to the right of the side window hoping it would cut down on the blur.

I like you style of editing. Beautiful scenery!

Thank you very much @lemniscate. I appreciate that!

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Love that first photo and the mood of the sky in each one - it creates a subtle mood

yes....moody like some people :)

These are all shot from a moving vehicle? Awesome! Great work @countrygirl

Yes, they were. I thought I'd give it a try. Thank you so much!

They are wonderfully taken, you should be proud of yourself! I am! You have to teach me that technique!

Aw, that's sweet @nolasco. thank you!

You're welcome <3!

Is that a greenhouse minus the roof? C15... It sounds like they have quite a few of those!

This weekend, I tried to take a few shots from the car, but it didn't go so well. Most of the problem was the dark, overcast weather, though.

Yes it's the greenhouse sans the roof. C15 sounds like a secret ufo site.

Most of my photos didn't work out. I don't know how these did so I don't know how to replicate it again lol

I think these are pretty amazing! I'll have to go read the tips. It never works out for me!

I aimed my camera just to the right of the side passenger window - if I moved it too much to the right the photos would blur. See how you do!

very successful experiments my dear friend.

Very successful
Experiments my dear friend.

                 - artizm

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


Did you see the haiku bot? It replied to you with a haiku of your comment to me....funny!

Thank you @artizm. I like your encouragement.

reading the article that accompanied this released photo, I remembered the Lesson when it became a santri that read, "try and enter undoubtedly you know."
I find you who can and keep trying for tricks that you can use to develop.

Yes.....true. Thanks :)