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I found this cute fox cub slipping next to the den and stayed very quiet waiting for him to wake up. I knew from past experience that when fox wakes up and starts yawning - it is always very funny. Sometimes it looks that he will not be able to shut his jaws back.
This time was not exception - the cub was stretching and yawning and I managed to record this photo which I like very much :)


Technical info:

CameraNikon D7100
LensNikkor 500mm f/4 AF-S II
Shutter speed1/250 sec

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Thanks for your support!

Thats an award winning capture!

Thank You! I hope so :)

Awesome picture!
It looks like this cute guy is a little bit tired? :-)

Nope, this is a good stretch after a long healthy sleep :)

Love this image, very soft & warm.

Thanks! Indeed. And dreamy :)

Wow! This is the best photo I have seen today! Beautiful dreamy effect, colours, background.. Love it :D

what a fantastic shot!
definitely deserves more views and upvotes
if you didn't provide your settings i would've thought
it's some sort of a painting
also great post-processing skills you have
wish i could do a dream-like tone pix like this someday

Thank You for you kind comment!
Those creamy tones of the photo are due to a dusty air, I think. Dust particles soften the sun light.
I was pretty much amused to open this image for the first time on my laptop. This fox looks like animated character rather the real one.

agree. if i were asked if the fox is real or cg, i would've answered the latter!

Those creamy tones of the photo are due to a dusty air, I think. Dust particles soften the sun light.

is that so?
i thought it was due to how it was post-processed XD
i'm glad to learn something new today

This is the cutest and most beautiful thing I've seen in a while! ^^

It's so good that you decided to wait for it to wake up. Our dog stretches and yawns when he wakes up in the exact same way. Foxes and especially their cubs are such cute animals!

Thank You! Fox puppies are unbelievably cute indeed :-)

Decided to follow you after seeing you in the @photofeed roundup. Gorgeous picture, and fox! He's so tired :)

Thank You for you support! And for your love to foxes :)

Very beautiful photo.
I love artistic photos of nature

Thanks! That's what I try to achieve in my photos.

great pic. my dog actually looks a little bit like him :-)

I can only add that even my cat looks a little bit like this foxy :D

Nice shot! Anyone else going to use this one as desktop wallpaper? ;)

It will be a positive wallpaper for sure :)

this is some natGeo winning level shit! i'd put it on my wall

I love this!! following :)

Thank You! Hope you will like my forthcoming pictures :)

really cute :)

Wow this is epic !

Thanks, it is indeed!

Great shot and great timing ;)

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