Historical Tourism Destination : Japan Cave Hill in Aceh

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The inside of cave

Hi my dear steemit friends, this is the Japanese Cave Park in Lhokseumawe, Aceh. This cave is a historic relic that existed in Aceh, a cave formerly used by japan as bunker. This cave has now been made into a local tourist attractions that are visited by many tourists.

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The road to inside of cave Japan

The location of the cave is located about 100 meters above sea level in Blang Panyang village, Muara Satu district, Lhokseumawe city. the local people themselves call it the Goa Hill of Japan. This located not far from the national highway Banda Aceh - Medan.

The gateway goes into cave

To reach this location not too far, because the location is near the local town, with the distance about half an hour from the city of Lhokseumawe. The road to this location is also quite good and already in full asphalt, very easy to use cars and motorcycles. So for those of you who miss and curious about this place, then do not hesitate to visit.

The inside of cave

From this place we can see incredible scenery. The strait of Malacca Strait, and the landscape view of the lights of a number of large industries in this City are clearly visible from this place.

A garden made for a place where tourists enjoy the natural beauty of Japan cave hill

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I've been to this place with family. In my opinion, the tourist attractions are very beautiful.

I support the efforts of local governments and local communities to develop historical tourism, because the sights are history.

If managed well, then this tourist destination will increase local revenue (PAD) Lhokseumawe City, and improve the economic growth of surrounding communities.

Thanks @azirgraff already sharing nice photos.

Thanks @fernandes, there are many tourist attractions in Lhokseumawe, one of them is Japanese cave. Now it is a lot of places that have to be fixed, let alone many visitors.

True, many tourist attractions in Lhokseumawe need to be improved through a neat and beautiful arrangement to make visitors feel comfortable and feel at home for long. In addition, tourist attractions also need to be decorated more attractively by accentuating local wisdom, thus inviting the attraction of foreign tourists.

Sungguh pemandangan yang luar biasa
Selamat berkarya sobat

very interesting post i need your support @azirgraff

This is a very good post about Japan Cave. I live in Lhoksukon... but I never visit the lanscape hehe. All the best brother @azirgraff

Although never visited it, hopefully you can enjoy from the photos I share. Thanks @alzamna

Yeah... your pictures clearly described the Japan Cave. Nice share @azirgraff

very good article and photo brother @azirgraff

Assalamualaikum Bg ,bolehkah saya bergabung di komunitas ? Sy stay di Lhokseumawe juga
Saya masih pemula

Neupeuturi droe dile bak akun, loen harap droneuh jeut neubuktikan nyan akun droneuh. Thanks

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Very nice pictures that give a feel for the place, thank you @azirgraff.

Hi @bluehorseshoe, Thanks for visiting my blog, and thanks also for assessing the contents on this post.

Are you from Meksiko?

No, Sarasota, Florida, USA.

Wow. Very nice photos!

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Sejarah yang harus tetap dikenang, begitu gigihnya para pejuang aceh mengusir penjajah jepang hingga bisa merebut gua tersebut dari penguasaan tentara jepang

The cave was made by Acehnese from Japanese coercion to take refuge at time of the war

Artikel dan foto nya bagus bang @azirgraff mengingat kan kita kembali pada masa penjajahan Jepan dulu di Aceh, artikel ini bagus untuk di bagikan supaya anak cucu kita tau betapa sulit nya nenek moyang kita dulu merebut kemerdekaan dari para penjajah Jepang.

History must be shared to prove, much of Aceh's history is rarely published. Though, in Aceh is a great kingdom

Bukti dari sebuah perjuangan.
Kita harus tetap menjaga dan melestarikan peninggalan sejarah ini agar tidak punah. Jika kebudayaan itu dibiarkan punah, maka kita tidak akan memiliki bukti-bukti tentang betapa hebat nya Aceh pada masa perjuangan.
This is a very good post about the Japanese Cave @azirgraff
You're the best @azirgraff

Aceh has a great history. Thanks @airil280708

Thank you for taking part in this months #culturevulture challenge. Good Luck.

You're welcome

Artikel yang abg sampaikan sangat bagus, semoga tempat ini banyak dikunjungi oleh orang sebagaibukti sejarah kota lhokseumawe.

☺ you should also visit. Thanks @rizascout

Amazing @azigraff, see my post 😊

Ngak mau lihat na palak

The placement of a nice corner, covering all the objects, you have helped remind us of the history of Japanese cave hill, Cool

Kaleh Di Upvote Beh Ngon 😎😎😎
Nyoe Hana Keberatan, ne Upvote Balek 😃😃

Hanapupu bek keudeh

Waw ..! Great news .. because this kind of article is very well published, so we can know and keep the historical heritage and preserve it so that one day later our children and grandchildren understand about the history of this nation .. thanks @azirgraff, hopefully success..

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very nice scenery in lhokseumawe

Lagak that postingan syedara salem meturi manteng semoga sukses saling membantu

Most wonderful view from there..love it.

Good if enjoyed. Thanks @ocxie

dari sisi historis tempat ini menarik untuk dikunjungi. Naun sygnya otoritas di sana seperti masih kurang serius mengelolanya

Tahun 1980 - 1990, saya sering berkunjung ke Goa Jepang bersama teman-teman, setelah memetik Boh Jambe Kleng. Tapi saat ini disekitar lokasi Goa Jepang, jarang terlihat pohon Jambe Kleng itu.

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