October Charm

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Hi, everybody. Welcome to my October photo gallery. Here you will find warm photos and a few of my short novels. I call them"breath of the Moment in words".


Warm autumn breath

Rejoice in the cold. So strange and as if cunningly. But this is true. I love the cold because it awakens the warmth inside us. With the arrival of cold weather, we love hotter, we often hold hands, we sit closer to each other, in a dream pressed so tightly that it is impossible to understand where whose leg and hand. In the cold, we begin not only to take heat, but also to give it away. After all, if you only take, it is likely to burn. Law of thermodynamics. Lots of fire in the cold.



My garden

I have a beautiful garden inside me. And it blooms
I always thought the most dedicated gardener would come from the outside. I was wrong.
I'm the gardener.



Yes or no?

We often leave without looking back. Just step forward, quick step, afraid to seem weak, slow down and change your mind. We'll never know that look in our back. That in it - sadness or joy? But maybe what we're leaving desperately wants us to look back. But maybe what we were leaving was our home?




And where the rainbow ends, I really saw a miracle...



Thank you for stopping by and reading my little notes. I call them ann_novel. Well, now a few more of my photos. Eva and Polin is, as always, my best models.






Thank you, I am very glad that your choice has fallen on me.

Beautiful pictures :D And I love your little notes, they are short and sweet. :)

Many thanks my friend!

There are moments when life stutters, forcing us to stop and look around; to wonder, what happened? What did I just miss?

Having children makes life stutter far more often and, somehow, many of those moments are streaks or splashes of vivid beauty - filling us with colours and memories, so that when we grow old, we have much to look back at - and know that it was a life worth living.

I hope it is always this way for you.

Thanks for the wonderful comment

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