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Hello dears!


We have a real Golden autumn! It's time for the colorful withering of nature. Autumn as a second spring. Every leaf of the tree is like a flower.

Today I want to show you some footage from my recent photo shoot for a young mom and her little daughter. It's Anna and Stephanie, they're great! And also I will tell you about my methods of processing in photoshop. Namely, the easy way of toning photos and the imposition of texture on the photo.


This photo shoot I tried to shoot in a joyful mood. I wanted to capture the atmosphere of joy, Sunny days, a truly Golden autumn. And of course I wanted to add warmth and light, depth and love that I saw in this family. For photo processing I chose toning with a touch of brown and gold, as well as orange.


Look at these 2 pictures. One of them is processed only with the use of color correction in the program Lightroom. And the second photo is processed additionally in Photoshop, in it I made a warm toning, retouching and light texture overlay in grunge style.



So, today I will tell you my own easy way of toning in photoshop. I watched a lot of video tutorials about the program, but this method did not come to me once. Therefore, I believe that I am its Creator. Haha, maybe I should patent it? OK, I hope you're familiar with this program. Unfortunately, this method will not be clear to those who are not familiar with the basics of working in Photoshop. So,

1. To create toning, I open a new clean layer in photoshop.



2. I take a brush and choose the shade in the palette that I like. In this case, it will be brown with an admixture of orange, Sunny and deep color. I paint over my clean layer with this color.



3. For this new layer, I use the soft light overlay mode.


This is the result. Do you see how beautiful the toning is? But this is not the end result.


4. It's too colorful for my taste. And so we can adjust the intensity of the toning overlay on the photo. To do this, we can reduce the "opacity of the layer". The smaller the value we choose, the less saturated the toning will be. And so the result will look more natural and pleasant.


Look how warm the picture is. It has become more voluminous and expressive. Before tint and after.


And now a little about the texture overlay on the photo. For some pictures I chose this texture to emphasize the antiquity of the place. After all, this shooting took place near the old house. This is a building of the 19th century, where the landowner's family used to live. So I wanted to make a little vintage in the photo. I chose this texture.

Без названия (2).jpg

This is an image of an old watercolor painting. And this is also a sign for this place. Because now in this building is an art school for children.

1. I open the photo I need in photoshop.


In this photo I have already done retouching and toning and combined all the layers into one.

2. Now I go to the "File"section in the upper left corner. I select "Place".


3. In the window that opens, I select the desired file with my texture.


4. I spread the texture over the whole photo. and Press enter. I have a new layer with a texture on top of the main photo.


5. I used the blending mode for this layer Screen. Depending on the desired result, I can change the opacity of the layer, as in the toning overlay.


6. But I want to remove the effect of watercolor texture from the face and clothes of the model. To do this, I add a mask to the texture layer. In the lower left corner is the "rectangle with circle in the center" icon. And with the help of a black brush, I remove the texture from the right places.


That's what happened in the end. You can add any texture to your photos in this way. Dust, scratches, snow, or bokeh.

MyCollages (2).jpg

These are simple and convenient methods for working in photoshop I'm using. Friends, I hope that you will use my processing lessons and you will use these methods in your work. Thanks for coming. I'll see you soon. And just look at this happy family. Mom and daughter, lovely and joyful for a walk in a beautiful Park.












Hello @anna-mi, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!

Your autumn looks amazing already! Our leaves have not yet begun to turn color yet!
Fabulous work on all the photographs! Bravo! 😊

Many thanks my dear @thekittygirl

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