5 components of a perfect portrait

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Hi there! Let's talk today about how to take a picture of the perfect portrait that conveys the character of a person, his inner world and his true beauty.


Portrait is a special kind of shooting. This is the photo that we often identify with ourselves, put on the avatar in social networks, in documents, or give our loved ones to carry it with them, remembering us. Therefore, a beautiful portrait that conveys personality, not only facial features-this is the photo that is most expensive for the client of the photographer.

So what should you consider when working with a portrait of a person? I will share with you my observations in this area. Today I will tell you about the 5 components of a good portrait, which I always take into account when shooting. This work begins in advance, with the minute as soon as the client turned to me and we are under discussion. That's where I always start.:

1. Idea.

The idea of shooting is a representation of a complete picture of the desired result. Before shooting, it is very important to understand exactly and consciously what you want to see in the photo. What feelings, mood will Express your photo. Maybe it will be a portrait with a soft and cozy mood of autumn, or a portrait in nature that conveys the freedom and lightness of the hero. Idea is important. This is the main condition without which nothing will work. At this stage, you literally see the desired result in your head. Color scheme, attributes, style and emotions. So you already consciously go to the other points of work with the portrait. It all starts with a great and inspiring idea!


2. Style

After the idea of a portrait was born in your head, you should decide on its style. Maybe it will be a modern style, something with bright modern details and background. Gentle or romantic photos in pastel colours. Maybe you want to rent a clean, minimalist look portrait. Or portrait costume, the transmission of the human personality through well-known images: the style of the Indians, the style of the rich Royal, forest nymph, famous personalities of the past. There are a lot of options and directions that can help your model to reveal his spirit and charisma.


3. Location

Once the idea and style of the photo shoot are defined you need to choose a location that can help you to realize your idea. Noisy traffic of the city street, the Bank of the quiet river, a blooming garden or a cozy photo Studio. Choose a place that does not distract you from the idea, but rather strengthen its importance. For example, you want to show the courage, determination and determination of your character. Well, this is clearly an inappropriate Studio. For this shooting, choose a wild natural landscape or the movement and pace of the city center.


4. Work with the model

A photographer is not only a person who controls a camera. But it is equally important to be a little psychologist. Working with the model does not imply only the search for profitable angles (although this is also important). If you want to limit yourself only to put your model in the right position, it is better to take a mannequin and photograph it .With a living person who came to the photo shoot, undoubtedly in the first place is psychological work. Ordinary people just want to be beautiful in the photo, but they are shy and usually turn into someone else they have seen in the social. networks or in magazines, want to be fashionable and stand in the right poses. But often their faces become stone, look frightened, and they are completely different in life. So before you get the camera, try to liberate the model. Take a walk, chat, joke together. Drink tea together, after all. Nothing brings you closer than a tea party in a nice conversation.

Be sure to make your model a nice compliment before shooting and while you are taking pictures. This encourages and helps the model to open up even more. If you work in a photo Studio, turn on the music. And even if the model does something wrong, in any case do not criticize it. Tell her that everything is going fine, and gently point the model in the right direction. Be sure to keep the conversation going throughout the shoot. Silence introduces a stupor, and often the model is completely lost in silence.


5. Technical nuances of shooting

When taking a portrait, remember the laws of composition of the frame. Rule of thirds works great with portraits. You're probably familiar with this simple rule. What you want to highlight must be at the intersection of the lines dividing the frame by 9 squares. For example, in the portrait to the waist will be the main eye model. And if you shoot full-length, it's the whole figure of the person will be the main element of the photo. Do not try to place the model strictly in the center. It usually looks boring. Look for the best angles, watch the light, and do not forget that in the frame can not be cut off the limbs of the model in the joints. It will look strange and ugly in the photo. If the model is to the waist, then both shoulders are desirable to accommodate in the frame. Keep your attention and elbows. If there is the palm model, they will look ridiculous without elbows. Do not take pictures of the model knee-deep. When photographing close-up, do not cut the person on the neck, the photo should also be chest and shoulders. When shooting a model's face close-up in the frame should always be her chin.


These simple components will help you take the perfect portrait. Thanks for reading. I am pleased to see your comments and I will be happy to chat with you. See you soon!




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