The Amazing Village of Riomaggiore in Italy

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The Amazing Village of Riomaggiore in Italy

Riomaggiore is one of the villages of Cinque Terre in the La Spezia region of Italy. This isn’t the first time I’ve visited the Cinque Terre. I was here in 2013 but only visited Vernazza. I was so impressed with how easy it was to photograph the place that I had to come back. This time I made sure I visited all 5 of the special villages.

This village sits adjacent to the ocean just like Vernazza. There's a footpath here called Via dell'Amore and it connects Riomaggiore to Manarola. I stayed at a hostel here but only for a night, it was a bit expensive.

You can stay at a neighboring town outside the Cinque Terre and it's much cheaper. You just have to take the train into the area, which is frequent and convenient.

Have you been to the Cinque Terre?

ExposureManual exposure, 1/20 sec, f/8, ISO 100
CameraSony A7II
LensSony FE 24-204 mm
LocationCinque Terre, Italy

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Very nice and relaxing. I like colorful photos like this. Good job!

Awesome 😍😍


Totally incredible! 😍

I’ll take this skyline over any major metropolitan skyline any day! So much color and history in this pic. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Astonishing view of the village. Picture perfect. So vivid and colourful

Italy is really a great place to visit

Have you been to the Cinque Terre?

No, I have not been to Cinque Terre.

However, you account of pleasure and ease with which you snapped photographs make it interesting to want to visit. I will take note of the fact that the hostel is expensive to live in. I will choose the option of taking the train into the village.

Thank you for your wonderful perspective and your unique photograph!


Thanks for the comment :)

Nice pic.

Thats a really nice picture!

very nice multicolor village

Interestingly built buildings.

@adonisabril -Very beautiful and colourful building. It is really amazing on how those buildings are structured. Thanks for sharing :-)

Really incredible, Italy is my favorite country. Nice photo !

this is indeed a stunning village with building structures and colorful. many angle lenses that produce good photos. interesting objects ...

Good lord I need to travel there
So beautiful


Everyone had the same idea :)

hello hello friend today I was able to read your post about your publication about the town of Riomaggiore in Italy has a very particular style the photo allows you to describe the colorful houses all a show. It is nice to recognize the work of the people when they do it well in this case it applies to you, I congratulate you
I wish you the best
I invite you to read my post
please do not forget to comment and vote
take care

Y this is amazing village


Dude! Justin Beiber! Nice of you to comment man :)

Have you been to the Cinque Terre?

Yeah, I travelled the Cinque Terre with @orell.buehler last Autumn.

These colors make me dream of visiting Italy. Very nice photo, I LOVE IT !!!

This place is beautiful. I really want to visit Italy.

wow...amazing photography .travel is very beautiful..
Thanks for sharing this post.
best of luck,
my dear.

In love with my country :D <3

Looks very nice.
Can someone tell me how I can improve my pictures?
This is my last picture

Click picture to view larger

woww ... amazing.
happy to be able to photograph the existing buildings in the village. one day i hope i can be there.

if you have time and opportunity, you can visit aceh. many tourist destinations you can go to. Her place is also a lot of beautiful.

this is some place about Aceh, Indonesia.
laut Tawar.jpg
Laut tawar Lake, Central Aceh

Lampuuk Beach, Big Aceh

Weh Island, Sabang

Geurute, Aceh Jaya

Hope some day you can going here.


Wow, what a beauty


These photographs are absolutely stunning! I have traveled only to the Caribbean and I have never seen such a picturesque paradise. Hope to visit one day!


I think so honey :)


nice :)


woow This is paradise

yeah italy is very beautiful place,beautiful post


All the Mediterranean countries are beautiful

I've been there in 2009 while I was studying in Florence – best experience of my time at University :D

Wow ! Amazing place !! Wish I could stay there for a day !!

I have been to Manarola in 2015 and plan on returning this year in May for all 5 towns

Looks like all the houses are very solid. because it has a house by the sea I will take it
By the way, nice photos and beautiful coloring Continue traveling and continuous friends

Wow, you take really nice photos. What a neat looking village.

Yes I have been to the Cinque Terre and it's true they are very picturesque and make for great photographs. But I visited in summer and the little villages are swarmed with tourists then. The food you get is mediocre and expensive, so I agree better just do a day trip and live and eat outside of this zone.


Yes. You have Steve what's his name to thank for that!

Do you normally do day trips or do you stay for the night? The last time I did it was when we travelled from Rome to Florence via Pisa (doing a detour to La Spenzia for Cinque Terre). Managed to cover three of the five villages!


I spent a week here this time around. But I went for about a year traveling South America and Europe :)

What an amazing picture. I love the colours of the buildings.

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Great shot. I went when i was young with my family. Would love to go back again sometime. Do you know of the photographer Elia Locardi? He did some awesome shots around this area.

Really amazing

wow !!!
I love it very much
success always with you friend @adonisabril

No, but I will be looking into this place for my next vacation. Thanks!

Best content, please follow back oke friend

Bella! Cinque Terre (Five Earths/Lands) along the Amalfi Coast is absolutely stunning! Amazing seafood (calamari) as well!

Cinque Terre is beautiful! Great shot

This post has received a 12.78 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @adonisabril.

Wow this blog is very nice …Impressive!

Wow! I will now dream of visiting this place. :)

Very interesting and unusual stone layers below rocks!


That is absolutely gorgeous! Hopefully in time I'll have the kind of money to afford that trip!

Italy great place to visit

Wow 😍 Very Niceeeee 😍😍😍😍 wish I can visit that place someday ❤️

It will be in my must visit places bucket list now.

it's very charming please for visit. you are doing awesome photography

@adonisabril keep it up

bring me to italy

What an incredible place @adonisabril. Lovely bright colourful houses all stacked up. Sometimes the scene is already in front of us, but we still need to take the photo. Keep up the good work. :)

Stunning! I have not travelled as far, but look forward to!

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What a wonderful place!!!!

Great shot! Have not done the Amalfi yet. Next fall doing Torino mountains and Sardinia!


Have fun!

beautyful colours

Amazing photo! Colors are outstanding!

This post has received gratitude of 5.16 % from @appreciator thanks to: @adonisabril.

Nice work dear keep it up thanks for sharing i follow you

Wow, thats looks like a beatiful place to life with friends and family ! Cheers for that !

Wow. This looks absolutely stunning!

beautiful picture, your work is very inspirational for me. I love how the building colors stand out so much in this shot. You don't see many settings like this in the US.

after see this photo I want to go there

I haven't been to this place yet. But as I look closely in this photo, I just imagine myself to be in this place someday in one of my travels. 😍

Wow..amazing post

Full of colorfull from this shot.
Hope when i will travel and come visit there it will look like this.
But the picture is very beutifull!!

Never gets old! Looks like you were hanging off the edge there. The Century plant is a nice touch!


I wish it was healthy :)


Well you made out alive and got the shot :)

Yes a very beautiful village

Wonderfully colorful location. Nicely captured, Great mix of shapes and warm and cool colors. Nicely done, congrats dear friend

Wow amazing photography awesome snap.... perfect click....thank you for sharing with us.... keep sharing more

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Literally mesmerizing! Can't wait for your next post!

Wow, I knew Italy had wonderful color frames, and many spots available for landscape photography. You really made excellent work.
Well done. If your travels pass through Greece, We could have a meeting to make some shots together. :)


I did Greece :) Will do again in the future for sure ))

So colorful and beautiful, simply Italy style ! love it :)

Your photographs always draw a smile on my face.

wow so many colors ! , remind me when i have been to india long time ago

This looks amazing, Cinque Terre is so uniqe. Also I like Amalfi coast, it is simmilar to Cinque Terre, have you been there?

How much time do you think is a decent amount of time for the 5 villiages? (Taking into account that there's lots to photograph in Italy)

I think we always have so much to see and photograph in Italy that we don't spend enough time anywhere. But I'd like to go back this year and spend at least a couple days there.


You can do two of them in a day and maybe spend an entire day on Vernazza. There's a footpath that connects all the villages you can just hop from one to the other and stay at a hostel for a night :)


Wow this village looks crazy, I can't believe how close the buildings are to the edge, amazing colours too!


Great place for photography. You guys should check it out :)

Amazing views! Italy is so unique and pretty!


Yes, I would have to agree :)

Wow Amazing colorful place @adonisabril
Thanks for sharing

Amazing view... Love the colourful buildings!

Gorgeous sight! 😎

thanks your post!

Wow its absolutely beautiful😍hopefully someday ill be able to go to a place as beautiful as this. Awesome pic!

Amazing place! It is very beautiful. The unusual landscape and so compact everything is. This small town is whether it is carved in rock and painted in bright colors. I think the locals there have a good life. I wonder, and in addition to wander these streets - what else is there to visit? Thank you for sharing.


Oh it's not that far from Nice and Monaco :)


OK! Thank you for this information.

Amazing photo ^^)

Amazing photo and great angle. Truly unique and great contrast! Keep up the great work!

I love Italy and I am in love with this photo. So many colours, so fresh and so positive.
Really good photo. 👍👊


I love Italy for food and coffee :)


Yep, that too 😉👍😂

I've seen a handful of photographers shoot at Cinque Terre, and it always looks different and beautiful. Honestly, I don't think you can get a bad composition of that town. Great photo!

sir most like these places stunning matchless awesome place