Photo Contest: Animal Photography - Strut it like it's Hot

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Photo entry for @juliank's daily photo contest. Today's theme:


Unedited raw photo. Capture with HDR thru OPPO F1s

Decided to give her a bath to keep her refreshed but she likes to hold on tight. In fact she likes it too much


Too much that it already hurts... Nevertheless, still love that doge 😂😍

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Aww so cute! Followed and upvoted you!

Awww thank you! Did the same 😊😊

So lovely

Thank you!!

Cute pup, thanks for sharing.

She is absolutelt adorable! Thanks

buti di ka nilapa haha

Sa liit nyan di ako lalapain nyan hahahahaha

Cutiepatootie. Buti pa siya gusto niya maligo. My dogs are lile cats they hate water so much that they cry while taking a bath lol.

Hahahaha ayaw nya maligo pero wala syang choice hahaha. Pero mabait sya kaya di sya pumapalag pag naliligo, mejo takot lang sa tubig haha

Upvoted ☝ Have a great day!

Thank you!! 😊😊😊😊