What English word am I looking for? 😉

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The first one who writes the right answer win 1 steem 😉 dont forget to upvote and resteem


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Seems like you got the answer ;)
Nice one by the way !
Will be looking for more !

LOVE ^^ Tusentak

It was peace mate 😊you are welcome

SIR @norwegianviking MBWENE ( DSCHANG )

upvoted and reesteem

Still waiting for that English word 😉

Paci means peace

Jackpot 😁one Steem is on its way



Your welcome 😊

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@norwegianviking NAMATSE ( NEPALI ) !!!!!!!!!!!! fantastic and extraordinary photo post.

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NAMATSE is the right answer,,am i right??
upvote andresteem done @norwegianviking

That is not the English word I am looking for 😊

oh no i want to win this contest @norwegianviking

What english word do I look for, look on the pic.

wow nice post shearing.so thanks for given nice post.

great post @norwegianvikina.
Upvote and resteem.

Hey @norwegianviking you are looking MBWS NE
Upvote and resteemed

I like

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@nowegianviking you looking for paci


English word?

this is tamil word !😶

And in English it is? 😉

Etymology ! the english word !!!!!

am i right sir @nowegianviking??

No, unfortenately 😁but I give you credit for being a stayer

wow you are great bro

Hungry !!!😍😍😍

Hehe, just been eating 😁not hungry...its a different word...

nice photo
upvoted and reesteem done

Nice photograph Its so amazing .. I like this videos lol....

PACI tamil lng....... english is Hungry !

Hehe, no - its not correct 😊

Is Namatse = hungry 😉 no, its not

dear you looking for NAMASTE @nowegianviking


English word?

a Hindu gesture of salutation made by placing the palms together, thumbs against the chest, and bowing the head slightly

What would you use, as if you said Namaste in English?

I guess the word is "greeting" or "hi".
Am I right? Interesting
I have voted and resteemed

you are looking MBWSNE NAMATSE PACI.

wow great post sir

You are looking PACI????
@norwegianviking i resteem you

English it is?

yes bro