Little house in the deep woods

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This is a very beautiful picture of a waterwheel house.

My mother captured this amazing picture while she was on her hike through the woods.

She so wants to buy this little cute house lol but its true she wants it. My mother is so outgoing and adventurous she never sits in the house. She's always outside looking for the next Adventure. Can you really blame her the world is beautiful out there. Once in a while we all need to unplug from all of this technology and take a break and go outside and enjoy what mother earth has to offer us.

Just remember when your old its to late to really enjoy life and its opportunities. The time to do all of the fun things in life is now while you can still walk good and move around without getting help from someone else. Stay positive and don't give up we all deserve a good fun life.

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Get out there and experience life people don't hold back.


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Wow nice photo that place is just amazing, I would wan't to live there too
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Thank you villan I really do appreciate it all. I wont forget about you when my vote is worth more.

Haha thanks m8 :)
Looking forward to more great posts and comps

I'm making a new maze it's going to be really hard and I doubt if anyone even trys it out but will see