Lantaw Native Floating Restaurant

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Best known for its rustic and seaside ambiance, Lantaw Native Floating Restaurant is among the top and finest restaurants in Cebu for you to experience exquisite Filipino cuisine.

Located in Day-as in the town of Cordova, this restaurant has been a go-to place for those who want to escape the busy city life. Aside from serving the sumptuous Filipino dishes, this place has been a go-to spot for photography enthusiasts as well.

The place where this restaurant is located is almost among the best spots in Cebu to capture the sunset.

Camera: Canon EOS 550D / Aperture: f/11 / ISO: 100 / Shutter Speed: 30sec / Focal Length: 17mm

Camera: Canon EOS 550D / Aperture: f/11 / ISO: 100 / Shutter Speed: 30sec / Focal Length: 17mm

How to Get to Day-as:

From Lapu Lapu City, you can take a PUJ that says Cordova. Drop off will be at the corner of the road that leads to Lantaw Native Floating Restaurant. Take a trike bound for Day-as.

You don't need to worry once you're in there coz the place is pretty familiar with the locals. Fair for both transportation sums up to almost 20 pesos.

Other means of transportation is through taxi or a Grab ride, it cost high though.

Thanks for reading.

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All photos are mine and they are taken with a Canon EOS 550D.


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