Catching the last storm of the year?

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Jop. It's true. Summer is almost over, and I'm happy about that in the moment :) I'm not sure if I will thinking the same 3 weeks from now, but for now I'm just glad that this heat wave is over :) This few months were just crazy. I started with school, and I'm going crazy 😑 Learning something in your native language is simple, learning something in English is normal, but learning stuff in German language? This is my third language and I started to learn when I've moved in Austria, before that I didn't speak German, and I need to say that this language was my least favorite. But you know, if you want to achieve something you need to push, push and push, and I'm half way there. This week I'm having two exams and this two are going to proof if I've made it. So, I need to distract my mind with something other than school. And the opportunity came this Monday.
This Summer, I was learning how to catch storm's and supercell and how to take a great shoot, and I need to say this ain't an easy job.
I didn't have so many luck today, because every time the great storm was aprocing I was in class. 😑 But still, we had some crazy moments, you can find some pictures in my old articles.
This Monday we received alarm, that storm is aprocing in our direction. We packed our equipment and started to looking for some places were we can catch some cell and lightnings . First photo in this article was pure luck. We were driving and all of the sudden the cell came behind us, she was following us and we didn't see it on our radar. We had exactly 10 minutes to took some photos because it started to falling apart. But still, one great catch. Then we decided that we are going a little bit further in other direction where a new cell began to develop. We found new place on a hill with a perfect view, and a few minutes later first cell was here. After this, just few minutes later, the radar informed us that a new storm was beginning to develop nearby and it was approaching in our direction, so we decided to wait. The problem was that it was getting dark and it started to rain. But we were prepared. We had umbrellas. Two umbrellas for 4 people and 4 cameras. Without words. I was wet. Not wet like wet but so wet that it was dripping from my clothes. 😑 Of course it was more important to protect our cameras than us. But then something happen. The storm changed direction and we were on the wrong side of the hill. So, standing on the rain for nothing? We stayed a little bit longer to wait for some last minute lightning. After an hour we gave up.
Great day, some good catches , but not so much lightning photos. So we were heading home to finish this day.
I went in bed and I think that 10 minutes later I was already sleeping.
Around one o'clock, a powerful lightning strike. I jumped out of bed. My husband has already gathered all of the equipment for photographing. Sky was white. Every 10 seconds a new lightning strike. I set my camera and Pluto and hoped for the best. And you know what? I caught quite a few of them. 🤗
So, it's over for this year? I don't know but weather is slowly changing and it's starting to cool down but doesn't matter, I had a great summer this year. A lot of storm's, great lightnings, amazing shots, new experiences and most important, new friends.
That means, now I have 6 months to think of some new ideas, find some new places, so that I will be prepared for a new storm chasing season. ⛈🤘

Thank you guys for reading and I hope you are going to enjoy in my photos. 😎






Protecting our equipment 😎


View from our window

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass...It's about learning to dance in the rain.-Vivian Greene

Guys, till next time 😎🤘

With love, @tinabrezpike


Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass...It's about learning to dance in the rain.-Vivian Greene

Nice quote, but I am always scared of storms. The photographs are cool.

Thank you :) oh believe me I'm scared too :)) but when you catch your first lightning strike on photo, everything is forgotten:)

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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