Low Light capture!

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About last night..✨

I was up untill 6am straight!

All of a sudden thought of doing a night out as it was Shivaratri (Lord Shiva's Night, a hindhu festival in which we fasting and do not sleep at night and do community singing and dancing as offerings of prayers to Lord Shiva) and I wanted to check how long I could be awake!

First few hours went off quickly with some peppy music..🎧

Later in the night along with my roomie went out for a walk just to kill time but it became a night photo walk making some lowlight winks! 😉

This one got me go wow!! I'm getting better at tweeking promode quickly and taking a bunch of different types of shots in low light.. Yayy!😀

  • Shot On: One Plus 5
  • Edited on: Snapseed
  • Place: Agara Lake Bangalore, India

If you like it this lit low light shot then please👇

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