Look for oysters at dusk

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Hi ... Steemians ...

The Cunda river flow, Lhokseumawe City, Aceh Province, Indonesia, has very strategic function, namely to throw rainwater from city towards sea, so as not to cause flooding in urban areas.

Besides functioning as deterrent to flooding, Cunda river flow is also often used by community to make a living. Fish catching, including searching for oysters among reefs on the banks of the river.

Especially for looking for oysters, it can only be done by community, when river water recedes. So, some time ago, at dusk, I visited Cunda river. So, my managed to photograph two people who were looking for oysters. They face sun that will set.

Following is photo of two people looking for oysters on banks of Cunda river:


Click on image to view full screen

Camera : Canon EOS 760D

Photograph : @saifuelbahrie

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