My observations of titmouses!

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Good day to all who looked at my blog!

Today I want to share my observation of titmouses) to be honest, until the cute little Zelenushki arrived, I was able to make more shots. A couple of weeks ago, going up to the trough to pour the seeds, I saw small birds, at first the sparrows thought. But their ringing voice at once dispelled my delusions) and this greenfinch ordinary settled near the trough ..... I had never seen them in the city before, so close to people. But probably there is no food left in the forest, and therefore the birds are forced to get to the city.


These ringing beauties really scare my blue tits, who sometimes are not averse to getting into the camera) But the little green bird is not easy. He is afraid of any rustling, does not even go up 10 steps, you have to shoot very far, and even people passing by immediately pay attention, as a whole flock takes off. The greenfinchs fly away with fear themselves and my titmouses behind them (((

IMG_2165 (2).JPG

The first days our permanent residents were not very happy about the new guests ..... and as soon as the little bird flew in to take a seed, the titmouse immediately attacked, showing who was the boss. But after a couple of days, I noticed that they began to share food a little)

IMG_2029 (2).JPG

It is so interesting to watch how tits eat seeds, it's just like a ritual. They just take the first one, see how some birds just sit and stare, it feels like they are choosing right, which is better to take)


On the video you can see the entire meal!)

Thank you all for your attention!

Regards @olechkarud

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