Throwback - first attempts in photography.

in #photocircle5 years ago

Well, this photo is taken maybe about 10 years ago. Or 11... I already have bought my first DSLR - a Cabon 30D. And have bought a telephoto lens, which was a 100 mm macro lens, which was perfect for on-stage photos, because it’s 35mm equivalent is actually 160 mm on the 30D body.

The person here is a performer in a folk dance ensemble from Bulgaria, and the concert was Part of the rose festival in my home town-Kazanlak.

I was very happy with the results back then, because the Canon was quite an improvement over my previous camera - a Panasonic Lumix FZ7. I may be able to show you a photo from the LUMIX in another post, and you will actually be able to see the vast difference between the image from the two cameras.

Canon 30D... my first bigger passion. I loved this camera!

See you soon, fellows!

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