Radiating. Long Exposure Light-Painting With Stencils.

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Good Morning Steem,

So the photo I’m going to share today is a pretty simple one to make but it’s one of my favourites.

This was taken in the abandoned ammo dump in Wales during one of our Uk light-painters meet ups.

I’d pre cut out the shape you can see in the photo on black card before the trip for this use, once we were in the vast sprawling caverns of the place, then I asked Phil to model for me.

I set up a couple of lasers behind Phil, a green and red one and let off a smoke pellet so the lasers beams would be very prominent.

Shooting through the stencil for this part created the green, yellow and red mix of the lasers over Phil, I’ve then removed the stencil and backlit Phil with a torch gelled blue to light in the outer walls and then ended the exposure.

A simple but effective way to add some extra interest into what would be otherwise be a very tried and tested formula.

If you’d like to see more of this kind of light art then please head over to @lightpaintershub



Classic. It’s like sugar in the morning.

So cool mate. Love the depth your stencils bring to a shot.

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