There's something in the way she moves....

This is Chayla East aka @thetattooedprincess covered in paint on a recent studio shoot where I used a camera rotation device to rotate Chayla for a more abstract effect:


For this shot I used a single studio light to Chayla's left where I exposed for Chayla on the first part of the exposure and then, without ending the exposure, I rotated the camera 30 degrees with the lens cap on. On reaching the next angle, I removed the lens cap and fired the flash, then repeated the process a total of five times in this case.

Repeating only five rotation means you don't end up overwriting parts of the image already exposed.

More examples from the same shoot where I tried alternative types of rotation:



I can't thank Chayla enough for being patient and keeping perfectly still between exposures; her ability to keep stock still really impressed me!

As ever these images were created in one photographic exposure and are not Photoshop creations.

About me: I usually specialise in shooting lightpainting images but occasionally dabble in urbex and artistic model photography. I'm always on the lookout for someone to collaborate with; please don't hesitate to get in touch if you'd like to create art.

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For more examples of innovative and original lightpainting including camera rotation photography, check these lightpainters: @fadetoblack @dawnoner @mafufuma @oddballgraphics @martbarras These chaps are amongst the best there is!


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