Golden Hour - California Sunsets #163

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“No sun outlasts its sunset,
but will rise again and bring the dawn.”
~ Maya Angelou ~

From February 8, 2020 from
Santa Monica, California



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Dude, the transition in that first shot is awesome... especially on the sand.

Thank mang! Yes its is really cool given the shade form the guard station and how the beach sand lights up.

So true. Like two photos in one! You going down tonight should be great out there with the clouds?

Sorry bro. Been extremely busy and a tad sick. Hopefully today, only if you can!!!

I'll be there mang! When should I come down to the OP? Great shot you just posted.

The people living there must be very active, it is not possible to stay at home home you have such beautiful beach and such sunset.

It is quite remarkable.... Having grown up in upstate New York, I never thought I would end up in a place like this! feeling blessed :)

Very pretty sunset shots indeed @armentor it makes me get a feeling of relaxation in my mind.

Thank you my friend! So glad the sunsets give you a smile!

Both shots outstanding!

Thanks man! Love and hate this time of year.... great sunsets, but 25 degree swings in temp (not as bad up there by you thought!).

Great photography.

Thank you my friend! :)

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