Golden Hour - California Sunsets #161

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“Never waste any amount of time doing anything important
when there is a sunset outside that you should be sitting under!”
~ C. JoyBell C. ~

Amazing time of year,
Tonight, January 27, 2020
from Santa Monica, California





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Stunning collection as always. Btw I am so sorry about Kobe :( Are you a Lakers fan?

Thanks meng. Yes its tragic and worse, was so avoidable. most of the City has been depressed.

I am sure it has. It was such a shocking and devastating news :( #mambamentality forever


Once and awhile we get lucky ;)

The first pic is surreal with the footprints and reds... very cool... I see you are stalking girls with dogs again ;)~

Thanks brotha! Yes I gravitate towards females who like gods!!!

You allegedly gravitate! in reality it called repelling :o

I try my best young grasshopper!!! You should as well :)~

Stop call'n me that! I'll tell mom (:... great post yesterday as well.

It is really relaxing looking at the seashore sunset @armentor.

Thank you my friend. Happy you enjoy the sunsets as well!

I love the quote and these gorgeous shots

I felt that quote as well! Thanks man!

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Congratulations @armentor!

Thank you for your curation efforts.

Impressive clicks always a joy to watch our your posts on week :)

Thanks as always :)

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